Fifth Date With Shelly (assumptions corrected)

Towards the end of my house tour, Shelly and my conversations moved to my kids as there were several pictures of my boys and my nieces and nephews throughout my house, which I used as part of my decor. 

 We were standing near one of the pictures of my boys when they were still young. I had explained we went on a road trip seeking out snow one year. Keep in my I lived in southern Texas at the time the picture was taken and snowfall in that part of the lone star state occurred few and far between. 

Now that the subject of my boys came up, I took the opportunity to correct her assumptions that both of my boys were mothered by my recent wife. 

 I shared the fact that the mother of my oldest was my high school sweetheart. But that at the young age of 28, I became a widower and a single dad due to the hands of ovarian cancer. 

I went on to explain the mother of my second son and the circumstances where she left six months after he was born. I was intimately transparent of the details about my shared custody with my second son’s mother and that in reality it was actually more me taking care of my younger boy as his mother wasn’t ready for family responsibilities that went with raising children. Shelly later commented on how she loved hearing about me raising my kids. 

 I then explained how my most recent wife accepted my two boys and was s great mother figure to them. I also shared how she walked away from our marriage three years ago for no apparent reason other than she wanted to be single again. 

I left it all in the table for Shelly to see. I told her I wanted to be open and for her to see the whole picture. After all, if you start a relationship with openness and honesty upfront, it saves a lot of having to explain later on. But hey that’s just me and my conscience. 

Without prompting, Shelly shared her intimate story of how her marriage ended.  

It was a great night of getting close and about sharing who we were and how we arrived to where we were in our separate lives but how we somehow became joined by some force. 

I glanced at the clock on the wall and mentioned it was nearing 7pm. Shelly said, “I’ll go freshen up.” 

While she freshened up in my bathroom, I called the restaurant to move out our reservations to 8:30pm…

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