Fifth Date With Shelly (will she stay)

Shelly emerged out of my bedroom no longer donned with the purple knit cap and sweatshirt but was wearing red jeans with a beige and maroon print sweater. “I’m ready!” she announced while slipping into her brown leather boots. 

I informed her that I had changed our dinner from the Russian restaurant to one that had similar sounding food because I couldn’t get reservations at the Russian place.   

I told her it was my treat and just to have fun. She agreed and we entered my garage to my awaiting Beamer. 

I punched in the restaurant name, and my iPhone map app rendered several route options. I selected the path with the fastest time. 

We were off…

You would think that a new couple that have been on a three hour coffee date, a nine hour wine and seafood date, and a five hour dinner date all within the last three consecutive weekends wouldn’t have much left to talk about. 

 Well it turned out we still had plenty in the reserves. The map app indicated we would arrive at the restaurant in little more than half an hour and we talked the whole way. 

Now throughout our openly honest discussions I mentioned to Shelly several times while touring my house as well as during the explanations of each of my boys’ mothers, I would completely understand if she decided to bolt.

 As we neared the restaurant which was about 20 minutes into the ride, Shelly switched gears and became the navigator. Also about this time, the story of my boys registered with Shelly. 

 Shelly gave the next set of directions, “Looks like we need to make a sharp left and go back in the direction we just came from.” As the traffic light signaled it was safe to make my turn, I took the turn. Shelly gave the next direction to turn right. Without a pause, she voiced the earlier information as if it a lightbulb just illuminated the corners of her mind, “Now wait a minute! You’ve been married three times!”

 I turned to her and inquired shockingly, “You just got that? That info was an hour ago!” We both started laughing not of the fact but of the delayed response. I confirmed, “Yes, I have!” But then I reiterated, “If it’s any consolation, I’ve only had three women in my lifetime and I married each of them.” She responded, “I remembered you saying that but it didn’t click until now.” We both laughed again at her delayed response. 

I emphasized again, “I fully understand it if you want to say this is it.” She responded, “I’ll have to think about it…”

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