Fifth Date With Shelly (the dining experience)

Shelly and I continued to the restaurant looking for a parking spot near our dining experience. We found street parking about a block from our eating destination. I helped her out of the car and began walking towards the direction of our dining location. 

I put my arm around her while she put hers around me. She leaned in and I squeezed back. 

 We arrived at the restaurant a few minutes prior to the adjusted reservation time. The building was cozy and reminded me of some of the restaurants in Texas where they converted homes into fine dining establishments. This had the same ambiance with candle lit tables and soft music playing at the correct decibel to allow for intimate conversations. 

 Unlike the last restaurant, my reservations were found and under my correct name. The owner greeted us with appreciation for calling and rescheduling. I guess this was an odd practice that a patron would let the establishment know they’re running late. But I’ve always done it so it was normal for me. 

We were seated in a quaint table where there were only a few other tables surrounding us. I pulled Shelly’s chair out for her to sit. Then sat to the adjacent chair and joined her. 

 Earlier at my house when I mentioned to Shelly I had made a change to our dining experience, I also told her, “They have a tasters option that comprised of a seven course meal with wine pairing that I thought would be perfect for us.” She agreed that it would be. 

When the waitress came by and described the specials, we informed we were interested in the 7 course meal with wine pairing experience. The waitress asked, “Do either of you have dietary restrictions or food allergies?” We both responded, “No.” But I did mention what sounded good from the menu. The waitress responded, “We’ll definitely incorporate that in your custom menu.”

The dining experience began with charcuterie of Duck & Black Trumpet Galantine, Prosciutto La Quercia, Rabbit & Pistachio Rillette paired with champagne.  

I raised my glass and toasted her and my birthdays. 

The rest of the dining experience was equally incredible. In the seven courses we actually had different plates not including the charcuterie which was served on a single large platter. So in essence instead of six remaining dishes and wines, we actually had 12 uniquely prepared dishes paired with a dozen different wines. 

 I thought to myself, “Not too shabby, Sam.”

Since the beginning of our courtship, we have shared all our meals and wines. That didn’t change here. As each course was presented, we fed each other a sampling from the food and wine placed before us.  

At the end of the last pairing we both felt satisfied but not overly full. 

Similar to our last dinner out, Shelly and I again were the last patrons left in the restaurant. As we finished our espressos, I glanced at my watch and it read almost midnight. 

It’s incredible to me to find a person that you can spend hours upon hours with and it doesn’t feel like hours. 

 We chatted a little bit with the owner and apologized for the lateness. The owner responded while motioning with her hands, It’s not a problem”, and told us about another restaurant we should try. I took the information and we said our goodbyes to the owner. 

We walked back to my car hand in hand…

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