Fifth Date With Shelly (establishing the safe word)

On the ride back to my house we discussed the next date options. One of which is a visit to her house. 
She laughingly said, “You may be the one who runs.” I asked why. She said, “Compared to your home mine isn’t as organized.” Recalling what I had seen previously when I picked her up for the wine and seafood date she had what I would call an organized clutter decor.  

I replied, “What I remember wasn’t bad.” She came back, “That’s because I cleaned up!”

Part of our earlier conversations, we talked about my spare hobby of buying and selling antique and vintage items online. Some of those places are like what you see on an episode of “American Pickers”.  

I told her, “I don’t remember your home being like some of the houses I’ve been to while combing through estate and garage sales!”

She laughed and reminded me, “You haven’t seen the upstairs!” She then suggested we come up with a safe word in case it gets too much for me. 

 We both laughed…

We got back to my house around 1am and offered her the option of staying because it was getting late. 

Hey I was being a gentleman and it wasn’t about a booty call. 

She said not this time but told me she’d call me when she got home. I offered her coffee for the road. She reassured me she was fine and that if she did get too sleepy to continue she’ll pull off the road. She also reassured that if she does she’ll text me to let me know. 

To end our marathon date, we sealed it with another series of hugs and passionate kisses.  

Then I walked her to her car and we gave each other our final kisses for the date. 

She texted me when she got home. I replied back to thank her for letting me know she made it home safely. 

I guess she’s not running away…

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4 thoughts on “Fifth Date With Shelly (establishing the safe word)

  1. Of course she isn’t running away, you keep taking her on all these fun and (I imagine, not so cheap) dates. By the fifth date – that one should have ended the next morning! If she continues putting THAT off I’d be weary. FYI the kissing doesn’t mean much.

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      1. I don’t know how up to date these posts are, but if she’s still in the picture push her to make a date. They usually do this by the 3rd and offer to pay for the whole thing. If she’s flaky about it, bounce outta there.

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        1. The posts are about a week behind. There’s a healthy exchange of swapping dates. But for me it’s not the dollar amount she spends vs the amount I spend but rather it’s about how she plans for our time together. She after all is on a teacher’s budget and I’m at an IT manager budget.


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