Our Birthday Week (surprise flowers)

I debated on whether or not I should send flowers for Shelly’s birthday, which was the Monday following our Friday night seven course dining experience. My only reason for any hesitation is that we just recently started dating and wasn’t sure of the protocol.  

You have to remember I haven’t been in the dating scene for over 16 years. 

So let’s back up to the Thursday before the Friday dining experience…

During lunch, I polled my wing women (Jackie and Lois) on the subject of birthday flowers. I told both, “I’m thinking of sending a birthday bouquet of flowers.” Jackie replied, “Oh! That’ll be nice. She’ll like that.”  

Lois didn’t comment but had a look that she was thinking something else. So I probed, “Are you thinking I shouldn’t?” Lois slowly responded, “Yeah, I think it’s fine.” I went on to say, “I was thinking reds and white flowers. But no yellows.” They both asked simultaneously, “Why not yellow?” I retorted, “I’ve heard yellow for flowers means just friends, and I wouldn’t want that to be what she interpreted.” They both rolled their eyes.  

Jackie piped in, “You’re over thinking it.” I responded with a silent nod. So my initial thought of sending flowers was on. 

Back at my desk I googled to find a florist near where Shelly worked. But I had a dilemma. I didn’t know the name of the elementary school where Shelly taught. And of course I couldn’t ask her directly as that could potentially expose my plans. 

Now in prior conversations, Shelly mentioned the town in which she taught school.  

So I googled the town and her name thinking there could be a directory of teachers. Nothing showed in the results. I removed her name and two schools were shown in the list. I thought to myself, “Hmmm, wonder which one.” 

Recalling prior conversations, Shelly mentioned the school was part of the district she lived in. So I included that information in my search. My googleness paid off. The search results returned the one and only elementary school in the adjacent town that was in her district. 

After another search, I found a florist that delivered to her school.  

I placed my order for a Monday delivery with the note that read: Happy Birthday From Your Favorite Renaissance Man

When I placed the order, the florist informed they would typically deliver around the middle of the morning to early afternoon. On Monday, Shelly sent me a note thanking me for the flowers. 

Her note also stated, “You truly are my favorite Renaissance Man! And btw my only RM…”

 Now interpretation of words gets tricky when you try to decipher the meaning without prior information. 

What did Shelly mean by “…my only RM…” Did that mean she was only and exclusively dating me or did that mean she was dating other guys and that I was her only “Renaissance Man”. 

I responded back to Shelly, “You’re welcome for the flowers and you are also my only.”

 I was hoping for some response but she didn’t take the bait…

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