Sunday Rendezvous (surprise!)

The Sunday after Shelly and my seven course dining experience, I texted her that I had just realized that I wasn’t going to see her the coming weekend.  

She replied, “I realized that yesterday too 😔.” I replied back, “I’m going to get the shakes for not getting my Shelly fix!”  To which she texted back, “We’ll need to make sure we keep you addicted!” 

So we planned a rendezvous for the following Sunday after dropping my sister at the airport. 

 Let’s step back a little…

The older of my two sisters had planned to visit me in late February. She was scheduled to arrive on Wednesday night. Then Thursday through Saturday, we had planned to visit my oldest son and his girlfriend, who live in Washington state. My sister and I would then drive back to Portland Saturday night and she would then fly home to Texas on Sunday afternoon. 

 Thus the reason for my withdrawals and long spell between Shelly sightings this coming week. 

Our communication frequency has also progressed from texting twice or three times a week to texting throughout the day. 

Back to the weekend plans…

Other than the first date at her local coffee shop, I had planned out our dates with some degree of unplanned stuff to allow for “in the moment occurrences”, which btw are the best moments of our dates so far.  

However for our Sunday rendezvous, I left the planning up to Shelly and told her “I’m in your capable hands.” 

On Sunday morning I texted Shelly informing her of my morning events and a rough timeframe of when I’d be heading down her way. She texted back that she lined up a wine tasting and afterwards we’d be cooking dinner together. I thought to myself, “Cooking dinner together could be interesting.”

 I asked, “And what about the house tour?”  She replied, “Oh that’s right! But I’m not cleaning up.” I responded, “Okay that’s fine. I want to experience the real you.”

I arrived at Shelly’s house a few minutes after 3pm. To my shock, one of her children answered the door. I thought to myself, “It’s a good thing I didn’t pucker up. That would be totally embarrassing!”

 I asked my child greeter, “Is your mother home?” To which he didn’t reply but instead looked back over his shoulder to whom I assumed he was looking at his mother. I peered in and saw it was her. 

She donned a red top and blue jeans and wore her normal bright smile that stretched from ear to ear. She said, “Come in, come in!” I entered her house and took off my shoes, which btw is my custom not hers, while my surprise child greeter retreated to the living room couch. 

 She continued as she ushered me in, “This is Austin, my oldest.” To which we both exchanged our polite hellos. Now Austin and I share the same birthday, so I told him that fact. He replied, “That’s the best day of the year!” I agreed and we fist bumped like what Howie Mandel does. 

  After a brief awkward moment, I told Austin it was nice meeting him and then followed Shelly’s lead and walked towards her kitchen. 

Now what was that safe word again…

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