Sunday Rendezvous (the house tour)

True to her words, Shelly didn’t clean up before I came. There were dishes in her sink and the kitchen counter were covered with an assortment of kitchen stuff. It was like the innards of her kitchen cabinets spewed onto the counter. 

 Like I mentioned in prior postings, I don’t have a poker face and I’m sure I was expressing an astonished look. I consciously held my mouth closed as that would be the dead giveaway. Shelly asked, “Are you okay?” To which I quickly nodded and replied, “Yes, I love what you’ve done with this space.” We both laughed. 

 I turned to walk back towards the couch but Shelly stopped me while pointing to a pass through opposite to where I was exiting, “Wait, there’s more stuff to see this way.” 

She pointed to her laundry area located in the mini hallway just outside her kitchen. Opposite the laundry area was another mini hallway that led to her pantry, which required scampering skills as there was a pile of something on the floor.  

The pantry door was also non-existence as only the hinges remained where it once hung. 

Outside the pantry and in the mini hallway were two stainless steel wired shelving units positioned perpendicular to each other. One of the shelving unit was opposite the pantry opening and the other shelving unit blocked a closed door. Each of the shelving were filled with more pots and pans, various kitchen appliances, and other boxed items.

 My visual senses were on overload but I continued…

Turning away from the pantry and wired kitchen shelving she led me through another door that fed into the garage. 

Now most garages are usually the dumping grounds of homes. Mine is no different. But I have heavy duty shelving where I store the overflow. Shelly’s overflow landed on the cement floor in one large pile of things that included every thing from boxes to a bicycle.  

The other side of the garage was actually more organized. So this pile must be the drop zone and would eventually get moved to its resting place. Also in the garage was here Ford Edge. 

Wow that was a lot to absorb in just her kitchen, pantry, and garage. I feel like Monica on that tv sitcom called Friends and ready to clean and organize Shelly’s house.  

But I refrained. 

The tour continued to Austin’s room which at one point in time was the downstairs office. Adjacent to his bedroom was the downstairs bathroom. This bathroom can be accessed via two directions but the other direction is blocked by the wired kitchen shelving just outside the pantry. 

We headed back in the direction of the living area which in comparison to the kitchen, pantry, and garage, was the most clutter free part of her house thus far.  

Between her kitchen and living area was the dining area. On this day the dining table had more stuff on it than the first time I was at her house. The table apparently were another drop zone.  

Beyond the table stood a door that led to her backyard. 

Her backyard was huge and lots of potential. The yard itself wasn’t well maintained but it wasn’t decorated with piles of clutter either. There was a large decking big enough to support a pergola, gas grill, and fire pit. It had great potential for hosting summer parties. 

 Back inside we headed upstairs to the sleeping quarters. Shelly knocked on the door immediately to the right of the landing and introduced me to her daughter Joy. Joy and I exchanged hellos and the normal “nice to meet you” pleasantries. 

The next room was her other sons room Justin who was at grandma’s house at the time. It was s typical teenager’s room. Next was Shelly’s bedroom and her on suite. 

The same piled up decor look awaited me. There were piles of clean clothes on her bed and piles of clothing and other items from a sewing machine to stacks of books on the floor.  

There were two closets. One of her closets was used as storage for her sewing supplies and other craft work. Thus the sewing machine on the floor. 

Her other closet is a walk in variety and was surprisingly not as cluttered as what I had envisioned. Her bathroom was huge but the space planning wasn’t efficient. That’s the builder’s fault. 

Mentally I could have called out the safe word several times, especially in the kitchen and pantry area. However I didn’t as the clutter and layers of dust is just signs of a single working mom who’s raising three active children.  

I empathized her situation and recognized housework would be the least of her worries. 

My eyes and brain were over loaded but the safe word remained unused…

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Rendezvous (the house tour)

  1. You have to ask yourself – can you live in a house that cluttered? A smart guy told me, back when I started online dating, that if you see clutter in her pictures on the dating site (usually bathroom mirror selfie which shows said nasty bathroom not being cleaned for months), get use to it – that’s how she lives – and you will too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think she doesn’t like the clutter as she likes my house which is very organized and clean. So I think that’ll change if and when we get to that point where we’re cohabiting. I’m also naturally an organizer in nature. We’ve actually talked about our different home life styles. So it’s a good ying yang. But we shall see.


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