Sunday Rendezvous (the inn)

After the house tour, she checked the time and said hurriedly, “Oh, we have to go to our wine tasting!” 
 She grabbed her wool coat while I slipped into my shoes that I removed upon entering her house. 

Now I didn’t hear her say goodbye to her kids before we headed out the door. But maybe she had already told them previously. That to me was a little strange. But then again I haven’t yet observed her interaction with her kids. And her kids are also teenagers so maybe that’s okay.  

Growing up I could hear my mom calling out to us as she was leaving for wherever. But maybe that’s also a cultural difference. 

Nonetheless we were off to our wine tasting…

Unbeknownst to me until earlier in the morning, Shelly arranged our wine tasting. I guess she figured it to be a great experience since we love wine and she lived in the middle of wine country. 

The drive to the tasting room was beautiful and picturesque where an abundant of rolling hills could be seen for miles. We arrived at the private road. The signage read: Youngberg Hill Vineyards & Inn. I questioned, “Oh, it’s an inn?”  

She responded, “Yes it sits on top of the hill.”

From the road, the inn was not visible. We turned off the main paved road and followed the private road lined with shrubbery and trees. At the end of the tree and shrubbery stood an electric iron gate decorated with a grapevine motif with the letter ‘Y’ prominently placed in the middle of the gate.  

This was like the gates I remembered seeing as my parents drove down streets lined with some of the big estates in Texas. 

The inn was huge and from the back deck of its three quarter wrap around porch, the views of the grapevines below and the snow covered top of mount Jefferson were spectacular.  

Shelly and I were holding each other as we viewed the scenery and I whispered in her ear, “This is a perfect view and a very romantic.” Without a verbal response,she  turned and faced me, smiled and gave me a kiss.  

Of course I reciprocated…

There were other couples staying at the B&B itself, but just like our previous dates, we were the last couple to leave the wine tasting. However before we left, we bought a bottle of wine for our dinner. 

 We drove down the hill and back to her house hand in hand…

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