Fizz, Pop and Celebrate (solo to plus one)

About a month ago and prior to meeting Shelly, I was invited to a celebration event hosted by my realtor friends. Because I wasn’t dating anyone at the time, I RSVP’d just for myself. 

However, now that Shelly and I have progressed in our budding romance, I thought to myself, “Why not invite her.” I tried to talk myself out of it initially but finally settled with my first thought of having her as my date to this semi fancy shindig. 

After making up my mind, I asked Shelly if she would like to join me at my friends’ celebration. I prodded, “You’ll get to meet some of my friends!” She responded, “Of course! I can’t wait to meet them.” I also informed her that the party attire is semi-formal. She thought a bit and then said, “I have two outfits. One fancy and the other one a bit more sexy.” 

 Not knowing exactly what sexy meant to her or what it would look like, I let her know it would be great to see her in the latter option. Hey I admit it. I’m a guy. Put the word “sexy” as part of the description and give a guy the option to choose, of course I would select sexy over anything else. 

Back to the story…

Now that she said yes to the date, I texted my friend if it were too late to change my RSVP from solo to plus one. He texted back, “That’s the best news I’ve heard. We look forward to seeing you both!”

Date set, RSVP changed to plus one, now let’s see about my outfit…

In my younger days, semi formal attire meant a suit and tie. But I wasn’t sure in today’s world.  

So when my sister was in town last week, one of the agenda items on the list of things to do during her visit was to pick out my outfit for the semi formal date with Shelly. 

The day before my sister left to her home in Texas, I was trying on outfits and FaceTimeing my son and his girlfriend in Washington state. My mini fashion show resulted in two options. 

One option had me dressed in gray checkered dockers, a tucked white button up shirt, and a coral colored v-neck sweater. The other option sported me in tan khaki pants, blue shirt, and a blue best. 

After my mini cat walk judged by my fashion experts showing off both options, I felt more myself in the first option. So my outfit was set.  

I hope Shelly likes it too. But does it matter if she likes it? Rhetorical question. “Of course it matters,” my little voice in my head was telling me. 

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