Fizz, Pop and Celebrate (the fashion reveal)

As the day came closer for our date, I couldn’t wait for it to happen and at the same time I was getting a little nervous. Up until now, our dates have been casual and was focused on the two of us getting to know each other.  

Not that I had more skeletons hiding, but this date was different in that the setting would be with friends who knew me.  I guess it’s that next level of our relationship where the inner circle is being penetrated with someone in whom I have a romantic interest. 

Allow me to digress…

I have a very small inner circle that consist of Jackie, Lois, the older of my two sisters, and my older son. The next band of friends are folks I’ve shared life experiences with. My most outer band are my casual acquaintances.

The celebration event had a mix of casual acquaintances and folks I’ve shared life’s great moments. So basically she was entering the realm between the casual acquaintances to my second band of friends. 

Back to the story…

Per the invitation, the celebratory party was to start at 5:30 and go through 8:30. I was running a few minutes later than planned as there were things I had to complete. I left work about an hour before the party was scheduled to begin and texted Shelly I would meet her at my house. 

About 15 minutes later I was in my house preparing to get dressed when Shelly texted me that she was in front of my house. Btw…yes 15 minutes is my commute to work, which was a huge  improvement from my old commute of 1.5 hours one way. 

I texted her that I was in my house and for her to come on in. I met her at my front door with a kiss and ushered her in relieving her of her bag. In our previous conversations, she would be changing into her semi formal “sexy” attire at my house and would be hauling her change of clothes. 

We had a few minutes so I offered her some wine and she accepted.  

Like busy couples do, we chatted about the happenings of our day catching each other up on the low and high points. The time flew by as always and after realizing our dressing time shortened, we both kicked into gear. She changed in my upstairs bathroom and I in my downstairs master. 

I finished dressing and walked into my kitchen wearing my grey plaid dockers, tucked white button down collared shirt under a coral colored v-neck sweater. She exited the upstairs and descended the stairs wearing a beatiful and “sexy” short black dress that accentuated her curves. Her legs were covered with black lacy leggings that fed into her boots with heels. “Stunning look!” I exclaimed. She returned the compliment on my attire and said, “The coral and grey looked perfect on you.”

I revealed that my sister, my son, and his girlfriend picked out the sweater. She revealed her daughter picked out her shoes.  

I guess she also had younger fashion consultants helping her as well…

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