Fizz, Pop and Celebrate (the after party)

We arrived at the shindig fashionably late, which was about the time that everyone else was arriving as I recognized some of my friends walking up to the venue as we were parking. 

It was a cool but dry night. A night without rain in February was not typical weather for Portland. However, we were appreciating the break as the walk from the parking lot to the building would have soaked us otherwise. 

We followed the path and the signage to the banquet room where one of my friends were greeting guests. I gave my friend a hug and introduced her to Shelly. My friend’s boyfriend who I also know joined us and I introduced Shelly to him as well. 

 After chatting with them for a while, we entered the banquet area and bumped into the friend hosting the party. He was talking with other folks at the time so we found a table that had other guests already seated. We asked if we could join them and they invited us to sit. 

As we were sitting, the wife of my friend hosting this event came up and hugged me. Now I’ve never met my friend’s wife in person but have seen her picture. I told her, “It was great to finally meet you face to face!” We hugged like we were old friends. I introduced her to Shelly in which they also hugged like they were long lost acquaintances. My friend hosting the party joined us and I introduced him to Shelly. 
My friend later told me he hadn’t seen me this happy in a long time. I actually had to admit I hadn’t felt this way in a long time either. Shelly is a good fit at least that’s the consensus. 

The party progressed to dinner, a celebratory toast, and dancing. Shelly and I didn’t dance but we visited with the folks at our table and discovered the couple sitting opposite us were mom and dad of my friend who was hosting this party. My friend later told me his parents thought highly of me and Shelly.

After the dinner part of the event was done, my friend who initially greeted us at the beginning came and sat down with Shelly and me. I watched as the two of them talked and laughed like they were old friends. It was great to see her mingle and be accepted. At one time I had excused myself but upon returning, my friend winked at me and said, “We’re just talking about you. Were your ears burning?” I winked back and smiled at both of them but remained silent.  

I guess Shelly was learning other things about me from my friends, which is a good sign that she’s thinking about us in longer terms and not just casual dating. 

As it has now become our custom, Shelly and I closed down the party and was one of the last couples to leave. Mainly in part to my friend but also that’s becoming our theme. 

We said our goodbyes and made rough plans for my next home party. Shelly and I grabbed our coats and headed back to my place. It was around 9pm when we reached my house. I asked, “What time do you need to leave? She responded between kisses, “I need to leave by 10:30.” So what do you do for an hour and a half?

Previously in the week, we talked about vegging out after the party and watching a movie. So I gave her the options. I asked, “So do you want to make out or watch a movie?” She picked option one. “Yeah!” The voice in my head was celebrating. 

At this point in our relationship, we haven’t crossed the line and become that intimate. I think we both want to but we also wear scars from prior relationships that could be preventing us from moving into the next phase. 

 Would this be the night? Or would we keep it in the slow lane of the romance highway?

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