The Sleep Over (the bbq)

Growing up in Texas, it was an understood law that the left lane on highways were reserved for the fast moving vehicles that typically exceeded the posted speed limit. There was also an understanding that the middle lane were reserved for passing the slower traffic in the right lane. 

After my friends fancy party a few days ago, Shelly and my relationship definitely moved into the middle lane and moving a little faster. We came close to crossing that line into the fast lane but we didn’t.  

However strong evidence showed that the event is eminent. Just like driving in that fast lane on the Texas highways you have to commit to those speeds or you’ll cause an accident. So hopefully Shelly and my relationship would not blow apart once we’re in that committed lane. 

I’ve also noticed our dating frequency has increased from every other weekend to every weekend. This week was our first midweek date. I described that date under the “Fizz, Pop and Celebrate” series. So our relationship is definitely increasing it’s momentum. 

Back to the upcoming weekend…

Per our plans, the weekend called for me BBQing on Saturday, she would sleep over and veg with me Saturday night, and then on Sunday afternoon we would watch the Timbers opening game at my house. After the game she would head home. 

This would be our longest date as well as the first sleep over. What could possibly happen? Would there be any ground rules?

On Friday, she texted me with some bad news for Sunday. “We won’t be watching the Timbers play”, she said sadly as she now must attend a funeral that afternoon instead. I told her, “Family comes first.” She reassured the rest of our plan remained on track. 

Saturday afternoon, she texted that her conference in Eugene, OR had ended earlier and that she was on her way. This gave me about two hours before she would arrive. 

Earlier in the week I had planned out our BBQ menu consisting of my Texas style ribs, my slow smoked chicken wings and my shrimp stuffed crab wrapped in bacon creation.  

As a side dish I made my coleslaw and grilled cauliflower and to end the meal I bought a key lime pie. Of course this meal would be paired with a nice red wine for her and a Pinot Gris for me. 

I had also set my table for two to be lit only by candlelight. The candles were lit and my Pandora radio were playing my favorite tunes. All were ready to welcome Shelly…

She arrived just as I was pulling off the rack of ribs that we would consume that night. The wings were pulled off the grill only moments earlier and were in the microwave staying warm. I had also planned to have extra BBQ to take to her kids for Sunday and those were pulled off and already in a foiled pan resting on the stove. 

I poured us our first glass of red wine and we chatted about her conference as I completed cutting and plating the ribs. After cutting the ribs, I motioned her to come with me to the patio and pulled off the shrimp appetizer from my traeger grill. We headed back inside and her facial and body gestures said it all. She was impressed. 

The table was set with our dinner and I watched her facial expressions as she tasted my cooking.  

At first silence, then groans and moans were emitted. She mentioned in between bites, “Your friend at the party said you could cook, and she was right! This is fantastic!” 

Success was achieved…

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