The Sleep Over (new beginnings)

After our dinner, she helped cleared the table, washed, and dried dishes. I guess she was fine doing that even though that evidence wasn’t seen in her own kitchen, especially the drying and putting away her dishes after a meal. 

Surprisingly, we actually worked well in my kitchen. I could see she was a little out of place, partly because it wasn’t her kitchen and partly because it was foreign for both of us working together. That was the first in my kitchen. Now in a prior date (detailed in the Sunday Rendezvous series), our roles were reversed and I was helping her. I’m finding our processes were different but not that dissimilar. I guess that’s why we worked well in the kitchen space. 

 By the time we were done with dishes, it was about 10:30pm. I gave her options. 

One option we could go upstairs, veg and watch a movie, with possible make out sessions. The other option was to retire to my bedroom. 

To give some background…

I’ve told her from the beginning of our budding relationship that she should feel comfortable and that she always has the control. I don’t believe in forcing any situation because if things are meant to be then they would occur naturally. And the experience had by her would be based on her conscious decision. 

And of course it works both ways, I could also say “No”. But really I’m a guy. Would we really say “No” to someone we like? Probably not, right?

Back to her decision…

 She didn’t answer in words but she did lead the way…

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