The Sleep Over (americano and home made breakfast)

There were no movie or TV watching last night and we both committed to enter the fast lane. We both understood that we could not undo or uncross the line once we were in that fast lane. 

It was a new beginning…

The next morning, I learned Shelly to be a picky eater not that she didn’t eat certain things that I made last night but that she told me this in conversations about what we would have for our breakfast. She only liked her eggs a certain way and she doesn’t like eating eggs in a sandwich or in a tortilla like in a breakfast taco or burrito. She also doesn’t like pancakes. Not because of the pancakes itself but because of the syrup. So to clarify she’s a picky breakfast eater. 

So looking through my frig and pantry, I scoured up some things to make us breakfast. I had eggs, a red potato, and bacon. I decided we’ll have freshly grated hash browns, eggs over medium (where the whites were cooked but the yolk runny), and crispy fried bacon. 

 I also learned about her tastes in coffee. I first made her a latte with my nespresso machine, but she didn’t care for the soy flavored milk. I’m lactose intolerant so I don’t use cow milk. I’ll plan better next time and ensure she has regular milk. I have a Keurig coffee machine as well, but ran out of K-cups of regular drip coffee. I made a mental note to have drip coffee for next time as well. So I made her a single shot Americano, which she loved. 

One thing to note is that once you’re in the fast lane with someone the walls we put up for our defense mechanism start to fade and you get to know the real person behind the smoke screen. 

For now, it’s fun learning about Shelly. 

After breakfast, we decided to go for a stroll before she had to leave for the funeral. I would normally wash my dishes and cookware after my meals, but I did something out of character and left the dishes in the sink. I’m sure my close and personal friends would shockingly say, “What!!”

Instead I decided to go walking around my neighborhood and share that moment with my special lady friend…

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