The Sleep Over (the walk about)

Now that we’ve crossed over into the fast lane, I decided to push the envelope and forage for her intentions with us. But of course I can’t just straight up ask her. Well I guess I could, but it wouldn’t be as fun experiencing her reaction and I needed to ensure the timing of the question was slightly unexpected. That way I could get her true unfiltered feelings. 

As we were walking, we started talking about making summer plans and our getaways for our every other weekend. She exclaimed, “Memorial Day and Labor Day are my weekends without kids!” I returned her excited statement, “We definitely need to take advantage of those holidays!”

After identifying several opportunities of various road trips that she and I could take, I threw in the opening statement, “So let’s talk about the M word.” She replied inquisitively, “Money?”  I said, “No, the other M word.”  

We were holding hands and felt a little tenseness, which I expected. She didn’t let go so that’s a good sign or it could be a delayed reaction forthcoming like her realization of my three marriages an hour after we discussed each of them. 

 I clarified and continued to probe, “What I mean is, what are your intentions with us?”  

She was still quiet but then the rapid fire that I didn’t expect happened. She rebutted, “Well technically you’re still married…so let’s go to Mexico and get you a quickie divorce. On the way back we can stop in Lake Tahoe, get married, and then when we get back here we will move you into my house!” 

So my plan backfired and I was in the shocker seat. I didn’t remember if I had let go of her hand, but if I didn’t I would have run if I knew she was not playing. I looked into her eyes and read that she was toying with me. I responded with a smile, “Nicely played!”

We both laughed and then discussed my intention of the questioning…

 It turned out we were on the same page about our intentions with each other and what we wanted out of this relationship. We had suffered heartaches and disappointments in our past lives and neither of us were looking to remarry. We were also both okay on seeing how far our budding romance would go whether it’s short term or it lasts for decades. 

It’s weird that we’ve only been together officially since February 22nd and we are comfortable having this open dialogue with each other. I’m not really sure what the official date was when we became exclusive, but the chosen date was close enough. 

I guess we’re both fortunate to find each other…

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