3rd Week: Wednesday (meeting her friends)

On Wednesday, a few days after the weekend sleep over, we planned to attend a bingo night in her town so that I could meet some of her friends. Before bingo we planned to grab a bite to eat at one of the restaurants in town. 

You’re probably saying to yourself, “What! Bingo! How old are her friends?”  It’s not about the age of her friends but the entertainment available in her small town of 30,000 residents. So there’s not much happening in the middle of the week. 

 The plan was for me to meet at her house around 5pm, grab a quick dinner in town, and be at the bingo hall between 6:30 and 7pm. That meant I needed to leave work about 4pm. 

As per my normal work day, I wasn’t able to leave as planned and texted her at 4:15 that I was on my way. I plugged in her home address in my phone’s map app and it informed me that I would arrive around 5:15. 

The weather was a steady downpour and traffic was worse because of it. Typically I can reach her house under an hour but today with inclement weather and the excessive traffic, my map app recalculated the time of arrival to be closer to 5:30. 

I texted her to let her know I would be a little later. She texted back, “That’s fine. I am still trying to get my errands done as well.”

Turns out we both arrived at her house about the same time. I pulled in right behind her. We entered through her garage door and immediately was faced with clutter. Now I knew what to expect but it’s still foreign to me to come “home” and find the place to be littered with clothes and backpacks and other stuff. 

Growing up, my mom didn’t tolerate the common area to be messy. I can still hear my mother yell at me and my brother, “Take your bags to your room! Don’t leave it in the living room!”  

I guess that’s why I am the way I am. 

Because it was Wednesday, her youngest kids were with their father, so it was just the two of us. Her oldest was out. After feeding her dogs we left for town to grab a bite to eat. 

We decided on the only Cajun restaurant and settled in for our quick bite before the meet up with her friends at the bingo house. As we were finishing up our not so good Cajun fushion meal, she received a text from one of her friends informing the bingo hall was closed for this week. 

So turned out I was not meeting her friends tonight and it was 6:45pm and we had no plan B. We did what we have done previously and played the rest of the night by ear. 

We were still hungry as the food we just picked at was not good and not worthy to pack and have later. We left the Cajun restaurant and strolled to the other end of town which was about three city blocks. 

She took me to a local pub. Unbeknownst to her one of her friends that I was to meet at the bingo house was also at this pub. She introduced me to her friend. “I heard a lot about you!” her friend said while shaking my hand. I replied as I was looking to Shelly, “Oh really! I hope it’s all good.” Shelly smiled while her friend answered, “So far it has been!” 

I guess women talk to each other about their relationships. That’s not the norm for men. At least not the men I knew. 

They talked shop for a bit… 

After a while her friend left and we settled into a booth where we ate, drank wine, and talked for several hours. 

 It felt like only half an hour had passed when I looked at my watch again. This time it read 9pm, which meant we’ve been sitting in our booth for 2 hours. 

Time flies when we’re together…

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