3rd Week: Wednesday (statute of limitation)

We sat in our cozy booth for about another hour talking more about our past lives and how we came to where we were in our current state. 

Although we talked about our past before, she went into more detail about her ex husband and when each of her kids were born. She briefly talked about her and her ex’s breakup because we’ve covered that in prior conversations. She also talked about the two other men in her life prior to me. One was a habitual liar and the other was a long distance relationship that almost led to her second marriage. 

In turn I told her more details of my older son’s mom and the cancer she lost her life to.  

I skimmed over my second marriage as it didn’t last long, and also we talked about that relationship in a prior conversation. 

But let me poll my readers: 

My second marriage was actually annulled by the Catholic Church but was still legally a divorce. So does that mean that my second marriage didn’t count and I’ve actually only been married twice? 

Feel free to leave your thoughts..

Back to the story…

I then continued my history and told her about my latest and talked in detail about the breakup. To this day, my ex cannot give me a straight answer as to why she left. I’ll chalk that up to the midlife hormonal change. It doesn’t matter now as I’m emotionally over that relationship. 

I’ll digress again a little…

About a year after my break up with my latest wife, I was asked by someone. I don’t remember exactly by whom. It could have been my older son, his girlfriend, or the older of my two sisters. The question was:

“Would you take you wife back?”

My answer would be the same today as it was at that timeframe. “No.” The reason is trust. Trust is a huge thing for me. The trust between my ex and me had been broken. I was and still am the type of person that if I commit, I’m all in. You know the line…

“…for richer or poorer..for better for worse…till death do us part…”

If I would take her back, I would always have the thought “will she leave again” floating in my mind. That’s a very unhealthy way to live emotionally. 

Back to the story again…

As we were telling our sad stories, we were holding each other’s hands providing each other comfort in whatever pains were remaining. I noticed the time had slipped more and my iWatch was now displaying 10pm. 

We decided to sit for a little longer as her kids were still out with their father…

 Our conversation then jokingly touched on our use of the safe word. We decided there should be a statute of limitation of when the safe word could be used by either of us. We decided 19 months from February 22, which was our official start of our relationship, would be the max limit for either of use the safe word. 

18 months to go…

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