3rd Week: Saturday (meeting the skeptical son)

There was another wine and seafood festival coming Saturday. This one was very close to her house so we decided to attend. 

I arrived at her house a few minutes after noon and as I pulled into her driveway, one of her kids, the one who I hadn’t met yet, was playing with his baby ducklings. He called out for his mom and scooped up his little ducklings and went inside their house. 

Shelly came out to meet me. “That was my third child whom you haven’t met yet”, she said while we kissed and hugged. She continued, “Those ducklings are the newest addition to the family!”  

 I said while performing the simple calculations, “So now your household consists of two dogs, one cat, three ducklings, and three kids!””Yep” she exclaimed as we walked into her house. She laughingly said, “Are you using the safe word?” I shook my head and said while smiling, “Nope! Not yet.”

Her house again was in its typical state of disarray. I still notice because it’s foreign way for me, but at the same time I guess the shock is wearing off as I wasn’t as alarmed at the sight. 

She called for her third child to come down to meet me. This meeting was the crucial one of her three kids as this child is her protector and the most skeptical of her children when it comes to men his mother was dating. 

He came down the stairs with the ducklings not far behind him. “Hi Sam! I hear we’re very similar and we like a lot of the same things. You’re like the older version of me,” he exclaimed! I replied while shaking his hand, “From how your mom described you, you’re right.” 

He said while walking out the back door with his duckling posy at his heels, “It was nice meeting you!” 

“Likewise” I replied. 

Shelly said chokingly while she turned to me with tears forming in her eyes, “That was huge! He wasn’t this open to the guys I’ve dated in the past!” I acknowledged her emotions with a hug. 

 We watched “the much younger version of me” through the open back door as he played with his ducklings…

I guess I passed the children test (for now)…

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