3rd Week: Saturday (wine and food classic)

The time had approached the 1pm hour and we decided it was time to leave for the wine and seafood festival which was just on the outskirts of her small town. 

She called upstairs to her kids and informed them we were leaving and that we would be back around 6:30pm to take them to their friend’s party. 

After a few back and forth dialogue with her children, we left for the festival. Minutes later we arrived at the location where the wine tasting event was held. 

It was a typical rainy day in Oregon. We found a parking spot. I with my hood pulled over my head and her braving the weather with her head unprotected by the onslaught of raindrops, we walked through the rain. Hey! We’re Oregonians (well sort of). 

We entered the building, paid our entry fees, bought our commemorative wine glasses, and checked in our soaked outer jackets. 

This festival was much smaller than the festival that was held in Portland about a month ago which I detailed in a prior post. Also this event featured the local wineries from the surrounding towns as we were in the heart of wine country. 

Unlike the Portland event, we selected only a few booths and we also planned to eat before our serious wine tasting started. Also unlike the previous wine event, this event I purchased a few bottles of wine to take home. 

On last thing we did differently was signed up as members to the Keeler Estate Vineyard. They’re the only winery that could claim to be fully biodynamic. The link to their site is http://www.keelerestatevineyard.com

 It’s odd that people who meet us assume we’re a married couple. It’s happened at my friends’ celebration dinner, at restaurants we dine in, and other events where we’ve met people randomly. It’s an odd but yet comfortable feeling. Sometimes we correct them and sometimes we just let it go. Not that we’ve accepted or considered labeling ourselves in that relationship state but it’s easier to just let it go as it’s too much energy to correct the stranger whom we’ll probably never run into again anyway. 

Because the wine event was within her local surrounding area, our odds were great to run into someone she new from either her work or her neighborhood. Sure enough I met a couple of her colleagues who teach at her school, a parent of one of her kids, and a friend who lives in her neighborhood. 

After what we thought we had only been there for a few hours we were actually getting close to our time to take her kids to their friends. We collected the five bottles of wine we purchased earlier, our outer jackets, and walked through the rain to my car. 

Part of our plan for the evening was to cook dinner. On the way back to her house, we stopped in the local grocery store and picked up food to cook later. You find out about people when you shop for groceries. Things like where they start out shopping (veggies vs meat), what brands do the buy, organic vs. nonorganic, and how they pick out their vegetables – smell test vs. squeeze test. 

It was interesting watching her as I’m sure it was enlightening for her watching me. 

 Again we are mostly similar in this department and I found no deal breakers…

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