3rd Week: Saturday (kids and their friends)

Rhetorical question: have you ever seen the tv show called Dexter? In the show there’s a dog that is portrayed in human form but does what dogs do. There was one episode where the man leaves the house where Dexter the dog was sitting on the sofa and everything was neat and tidy. In the next seen, the man returned to the house to find the whole room was in disarray and papers were chewed and spewed about. The man says, “I’ve only been gone less than five minutes!” And the dog Dexter replies, “What? I can’t tell time and didn’t know how long you’d be gone!” 

Walking into her house reminded me of that episode and nearly busted out laughing… 

Before we left, the house was relatively quiet. However, grand central station came to life. Her oldest child had his friends over and was preparing to go out with his two buddies. Her fraternal twins were upstairs getting ready for their friends’ party, and her chocolate lab dog became more excited as we walked through the door. 

It felt like a tv drama unfolded in front of me as the noise levels rose dramatically after the twins had bounded down the stairs. I stood in awe and forget how intense living with teenage kids could be. In the kitchen, Shelly and her daughter were having the typical passionate discussion about the lack of clothing being worn to the party. After a few semi yelling exchanges (maybe a slight exaggeration on my part), hesitantly her teenage daughter stomped upstairs to add more clothing. 

After a few more moments the twins, Shelly and I were all in the 7 family passenger vehicle. We did a milk run and collected three additional children before dropping the entire teenage gang at their party destination. 

During the picking up of the twins friends, we started hearing a squeaky sound. At first I didn’t recognize the sound but super mom Shelly knew what it was. She called to the back seat, “Justin, it that noise one of your ducklings?” Her twin boy refuted, “I want to show my friends!” Joy joined in, “Mom, he can’t take that to the party!” Before his sister could utter the last word, Justin exclaimed, “I’m not! Mom and Sam will take it back home! I was just showing it off to our friends!” 

So I guess I was the official “baptized” in the chaos of my special lady’s life. I now held the precious duckling package while we traveled back to her house. 

 I thought the drama was over but then her phone rang…

It was her oldest son. I could only make out her side of the conversation: “You want me to what?…No I didn’t plan for that…No I’m not going to do that either…Austin you’ll need to figure out a different plan…Sorry honey, I can’t do that tonight…” 

Her and her oldest son’s conversation appeared to be a little heated. However, after a few moments their conversations lowered to normal levels. She hung up and turned to me and filled in the holes…

She explained, “Apparently my oldest son thought it would be cool for us to chaperone him and his buddies as they play in the trampoline Game Center. This is the sporting arena where basketball and trampoline are combined to create a unique athletic experience.” 

I sat quietly and allowed her to vent more…

It would appear her oldest always asks for things the last minute and expects his mom to drop everything and cater to his needs. As she continued to vent, I thought in my head and recalled the countless times my oldest and I had these similar conversations. My mind then thought about my nieces and nephews and how they treat their parents and it’s universal and typical of the millennial children. 
After she vented a little more, she turned to me and asked, “Are you going to say the safe word?” Smilingly, I replied with a thoughtful pause, “No, not yet.” 

“Good!” She smiled back…

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