3rd Week: Saturday (adult time)

Back at her house, her oldest son had returned with his two buddies and were working on their plan B for getting to the slam ball arena. 

It turns out they could provide a parental consent form without having a chaperone in attendance. 

While her oldest and his friends were getting the consent form completed, she and I began cooking our dinner. The kids had eaten earlier by the way but her oldest started hovering in the kitchen as the smell of steak wafted into the living room space. 

As the steak neared its perfection, we noticed the house became silent as if the boys had left. But apparently not, we heard some rumbling upstairs and one of her oldest son’s friends bounded downstairs and asked to use the bathroom. 

 As I plated our steaks, she cleared a spot on the overcrowded dining table for us to sit. Obviously I’m used to her cluttered decor and placed our plates in the spots she cleared for us. She opened a bottle of red wine prior to us dropping her twins at their party and now she was pouring it into our glasses to go with our meal. 

As we were close to finishing our steaks, we noticed the house had become real quiet. She called out to her son and no response. We completed our meal and started cleaning up her kitchen. She called out to her oldest and still no response. After the dishes were put in the dishwasher and the pan used for cooking our steaks were washed, she checked his room and found it empty. She called out for him again. No response. So she texted him and one of his friends. 

After a few minutes she received a text from her son’s friend that they were on their way to the slam ball arena. 

She locked the front door, grabbed my hand, kissed me passionately, and whispered in my ear, “It’s our time now.”

 With a smile on her face and with my hand in hers, she led me upstairs to her bedroom. 

Surprisingly as we entered her bedroom, her bed was made and the piles of clutter were not so disorganized. I said shockingly as I walked closer to her bed and past the piles of neatly arranged clutter, “You cleaned up!” To which she replied, “Just for you”. 

Being unfamiliar with her kids schedules I double checked and asked, “Are you sure your oldest won’t come home earlier than expected?” She walked back to her bedroom door we entered through, closed it, locked it and said, “Just in case”…

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