4th Week: St. Patrick’s Day (surprise my parents are here)

I remember when my boys were younger and I was a raising them as a single parent. I contemplated getting back into the dating scene several times before I actually jumped in. I played out scenarios in my head of when and how the person I would be dating get introduced to my kids and I would imagine how my kids would interact with a new person. 

With my current budding relationship, I’m placed on the receiving end and need to think the opposite of when and how I would interact with her kids. Although her kids are older, they’re still children and I’m sure they still have residual wishes that they’re parents would get reunited. Although their father has remarried, I’m sure those wishes remained in the back of their consciousness.  

Earlier in the week we had planned for me to join her and her kids for dinner. We picked Thursday night – Saint Patrick’s Day. Per our plan, we would all eat at their home or go out for dinner after her daughter’s tennis game. 

I left work at 4:30pm and texted her I was on my way. She texted back that she was at her daughter’s tennis match and to meet her there. I arrived about an hour later and I texted her that I was at the tennis park. 

She greeted me at my car with a hug and kiss. In between her kisses she informed, “Joy was still waiting to play her match.” 

“Oh the good old days.” I thought to myself reminiscing about my high school days where I was also on the tennis courts after school and on weekends. 

As we were walking back to where she had parked, she mentioned her parents were parked behind her and were waiting to watch their granddaughter play. Unlike Shelly, my response rate to unexpected news is immediate. No delayed reaction on my part. 

Up until her announcement that I was about to meet her parents, we were walking our normal casual stride. But as soon as she mentioned her parents were here and the closer we approached their car, I slowed my pace and she noticed. 

 She turned to me with a smile and asked, “Are you nervous?” I said sheepishly, “I didn’t expect to meet your parents tonight! So yes, I am a bit nervous!”

We stopped on the sidewalk by her parents’ car and waved to them. They climbed out of their car and joined us on the sidewalk. We exchanged our “nice to meet you” pleasantries then chatted for awhile about their granddaughter’s upcoming match.  They seemed pleasant but I could definitely feel her father had some reservations. Although her father is in his 70s and his daughter is in her early 50s, she’ll  always be daddy’s little girl and would look at the man she’s dating with skepticism. 

Her mom was pleasant and wasn’t as reserved as she looked me in the eye as we were talking. We chatted a little longer until their granddaughter was ready to play. The sun was setting and the coolness of the night was quickly bringing a chill to the air around us. I excused myself to grab another layer of clothing out of my car. 

 I rejoined Shelly on the bleachers and we wrapped ourselves in her blanket.

Just sitting on the cold bleachers wrapped in a blanket took me back again to my high school days. This time it was at the moment where I’d sit watching one of our football games with my high school sweetheart. It’s funny how memories from your life that were buried deep inside resurfaces unexpectedly as you live similar moments in your current life. 

As I sat huddled under that blanket with Shelly, my feelings for her were growing the same as what I had felt back in high school. 

Could it be? Was I that lucky….

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