4th Week: St. Patrick’s Day (burgers and beer)

Per our prior conversations in planning tonight’s dinner with her kids, nothing was working in our favor to accomplish those predetermined plans. 

Her daughter’s tennis game lasted longer than planned and her daughter made other plans to hang with her friends afterwards. Her oldest son also made other plans with his buddies. That left her younger son. 

 After dropping off her daughter, we met back at her house. 

Apparently she and her younger son had a conversation via phone while she was dropping off her daughter to which her younger son decided he was not going to dinner with us. 

It was still early when we met back up at her house (around 7:30pm). So we decided we would go to a roadhouse type restaurant in her town where burgers and homemade fries were their main food items. Prior to is leaving for the restaurant, she asked her younger son again, “Do you want to join us?” To which he replied as a teenager would, “Since it’s just the three of us that would be awkward, Mom!” 

She told him where we were dining and we left for dinner. I was a little concerned we were leaving her youngest home.She said reassuringly,  “He’s fine. He’s just upset with his brother and sister on bailing tonight. He thought it would be strange for only the three of us to go out.” 

“Oh, okay,” I replied. “Another time then.”  So at least his younger boy seemed to want to hang out with us but not as a solo party. 

It only took a few minutes to get to the restaurant. The place had a rugged decor and reminded me of some of the BBQ houses in Texas. The only thing different were the missing antique porcelain signs on the wall. After perusing the menu,we  each ordered a burger and fries plate. 

Typical of the PacificNorthwest, this restaurant was also a microbrewery where they only sold what they brewed. It would be a sin to not try out their brews. The waitress asked, “Would you like to try a sampling of each?” 

“What a silly question!” I thought. With enthusiasm I replied, “That would be great!” She brought out a sampling of their brews. After tasting each, she selected a double red variety and I selected one of there medium dark beers. 

 Again we had a great time talking and getting to know each other more. And just like our typical fashion, we were again the last couple to leave the restaurant, which was about 10pm. 

During our discussion, I conveyed, “We shouldn’t push your kids to do things with us but we should let them organically accept us and join us in our outings when they were ready.” She smiled and responded, “Funny, I was thinking just the same thing.”

The drive back to her house wasn’t far so it didn’t take long before we were parked in her driveway and I was walking her to her door. We exchanged hugs and kisses then said our good nights. 

I thought about her a lot while driving home…

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