4th Week: Friday (to sleep over or not)

So the weekend had been scheduled to be her annual girls’ weekend at the beach. This weekend were also her kids free zone. To take full advantage of the no kids zone, we had planned for our next sleep over for Friday night. 

 But we had to play it by ear on which one of our houses the sleep over were to occur as there were a couple of factors that had to play out first. Although the coming weekend were her ex husband’s weekend with her kids, if her oldest were working, he would be at her house.

On Friday, her daughter had another tennis game. So when her daughter’s game were over she would drop her twins to their father’s house. 

In our minds, we thought she would pack her stuff for her trip, drop her kids off, drive to my place and spend the night. She would then leave on Saturday to the coast from my house. 

It would have been a great plan, but…

As the weekend approached, we learned her girl gang were departing from her town and she became the chauffeur for one of the vehicles in their caravan. 

 As we’ve learned from our past outings, the best laid plans would most always have some wrinkle that causes some deviation. So in order to have more time together, we decided on plan B which called for me to spend the night at her house. Yep I had to mentally prepare my mind to deal with the clutter. But still worth it as we get our time together. 

The plan continued to spiral and it turned out her oldest son had to work the weekend and would not join his siblings at his father’s house. This means that she would be back to spending the night at my house on Friday then driving back to her town on Saturday morning. 

Well not so fast…

It also turned out that her oldest son wanted to go with her to drop his siblings at his father’s house. It gave her the opportunity to hang out with him and spend quality time together. 

 Yep that means no sleep over this Friday  and more than that, no time with her at all…

I fully get it. When I was a single parent, my kids were #1 priority. Everything else was second and third places, which included me time. Wait what’s me time when you’re a single parent and no love interest – rest and quiet. 

So if we decide to keep building this relationship, I would have to consider the fact that planning for outings would be subjected to possible complete wipe outs as her children are and should be her first priority. Unlike me where my children are adults, her children were still in high school. Her twins are freshmen and her oldest is a junior, which means a minimum of three more years before there would be a more consistent schedule. 

For now, I think she’s worth the effort, and yes to clarify every relationship requires effort. That goes for a business as well as personal. Something my (soon to be) ex wife failed to realize. More about that later.

 For now, my weekend has just opened up and I’ll come up with plan C…

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