4th Week: Seafood boil (1st test run of old recipe)

Friday night was back to my normal pre dating life of take out, moving watching while doing laundry and cleaning. Yes you’re right in thinking “WTF man! Go out and have fun!” 

So let me lay out my past decade or so…

I moved to the PacificNorthwest as a married man and was a consultant which required me to travel during the week. Weekends were down time and relaxing at home with my wife at the time, or we would, on occasion, hang out with our married friends. So one, I have no single male or women friends for hanging out purposes. 

Two, I’m not into the bar or strip club scene like some men are. I could take full advantage of the buffet of men’s clubs as apparently Portland is one of the nations leaders in the number of men’s club for a city of its size. But again not my scene. 

I could fly solo and sit at a bar and watch a ballgame. But again I’m not into the bar scene and I could watch a ballgame at home. 

 And three, well I don’t have a number three. So yes I chose to stay home for Friday night…

Earlier in the day, it was turning out we could possibly squeeze in a couple of hours of together time but that too was squashed. We did however  exchange texts throughout the day as that has now become part of our daily form of communication. 

Since it was her girls’ weekend, I had already planned to do a test run of an old recipe on Saturday for my upcoming party in April. The last time I made this recipe was back when I lived in Texas with my first wife. Hmm it just dawned on me that I last made this recipe about a month before my first wife’s passing, which would be about 25 years ago. 

I wondered, “Could I even find all the ingredients?”  After shopping at five stores, it turned out I had to improvise as some of the ingredients were not available in the local supermarkets or at least not the ones I shopped. Also I’m glad I tested out the recipe as the ratio of ingredients and flavor needed to be adjusted.  

Overall it wasn’t as bad as it could have been but definitely it’s not up to my standards.

So definitely, second and third test runs will be required before the big party…

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