5th Week: Monday (missing you coffee)

It was spring break week I didn’t expect work to be its typical crazy busyness with the majority of the business folks out of the office. So other than the routine reports that had to be generated and distributed my work load was lighter than usual for a Monday. 

I was missing my lady since the past weekend was her girls weekend and therefore we didn’t spend time together as we’ve done on prior weekends. Although she were on her girls weekend at the coast she still made time to text me throughout each day. I guess that meant she missed me too. 

During lunch I received an unexpected text from her that she was back in town and wanted to know if I had time for coffee. I texted back and said, “I do after 2pm, but will need to return by 4pm for a meeting.” She replied, “Great! I’m dropping off one of the ladies and will head your way.” 

Since I don’t typically go to a coffee house that was not a chain, I asked Lois if she knew of a good local quaint coffee house to take her.  

Lois excitedly said, “Take her to the that coffee place on Murray.” The place was not too far away. I had heard of the place and even drove by the coffee house several times but I had never stopped in myself. 

Lois continued with her recommendation, “You should have the Mayan mocha with the whipped chocolate. This coffee house makes their own whipped chocolate and it’s a little spicy but it’s the best I’ve had.” 

So the venue and beverage were settled…

Shelly picked me up and I navigated her to our coffee break location. We both ordered Lois’s recommended beverage and settled into a quaint table near the rear of the coffee house. 

 One would think two hours is a long time and would have some silent moments, but not us. 

Instead we both felt the two hours went by quickly and before we knew, it was time for me to return to the office. Our dates have averaged in excess of five hours. But it’s not like the unbearable long date with someone. Time appeared to pass quickly when we’re together. 

We thanked the owner and she drove me back to my office. I typically don’t kiss publicly especially in a car in front of my work place, but we did. We kissed each other passionately like a couple that had been together a while but were still crazy for each other. I told her I had to go and stole one more kiss before exiting her vehicle. I watched as she drove off. 

I really like spending time with my lady friend…

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