5th Week: Wednesday (dinner and alone time)

It’s a rare occasion that my special lady friend would be up in my neck of the woods during the week. But since this is the week her children were on spring break, she decided to hang out in Portland. 

In our planning, she informed, “I’ve never eaten Vietnamese food.” Well I knew exactly where to take her. I said, “I know the perfect place. There’s usually a line out the door but the food is well worth the wait.” She was game…

 Since she would be dropping off her kids at her ex’s house, we decided our rendezvous point would be at a school down the street from where he lives. It was a little weird to meet up there but it beats the alternative of both of us driving into town during rush hour and each finding parking. Besides it gives us more time to spend with each other. 

She was already waiting in the school parking lot when I pulled up along side her parked car. She transferred herself, we gave each other hello kisses and I maneuvered my car into the direction of the restaurant. As normal we talked the whole way there. 

We found street parking a block away and hoofed it to the Vietnamese restaurant where there were already a line out the door that ended near the edge of the building . The last time I was here was with my son and his girlfriend the line wrapped around the building. We were lucky it hadn’t gone passed the corner of the building yet.

About 20 minutes later we were finally inside the the door which was good as the weather started to drizzle again.  

The way the restaurant worked was orders were placed and paid for in advance, unless you did what I did and opened a tab. Once our order was taken we again waited to be seated. Also to note, when ordering, you order both your bar beverage and your food. It took another 15 minutes to get to the cashier who took our order.  

Once we ordered, we waited again to be seated. Luckily we got our bar drinks order delivered while waiting for our table. We sat, sipped our drinks, and waited for another 15 minutes before our table became available. 

As I mentioned earlier, the food was worth the wait.  

And like we typically have done in our past dates, we shared our food. The main attraction was and is their beef pho. So of course we ordered a big bowl. We also ordered several of the small plates. By the end of our meal we were both satisfied, not stuffed but filled. 

So if you’re ever find yourself in Portland Oregon, try Luc Lac. It’s one of my favorite places to eat downtown and it stays open late. 

It was getting close to 8:30 and she had to pick up her kids. I closed my tab and walked out the door. By this time, the line to get in was wrapped around the corner. I drove her back to her car and we kissed passionately and said our good nights. 

It was another great evening spent with my special lady friend…

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