7th Week: Tuesday (show me the money)

Is it weird to go with my girlfriend to one of those vacation sales talks where they try to sell their attendees a vacation package? 

Let’s step back several weeks to my date with my now girlfriend. We went to the Portland Wine and Seafood Festival. Here’s the link to the beginning of that series of posts: http://wp.me/p70WJj-fO .

During that date you can register for a free prize. Well as we all know nothing in this world is truly free. You may not be out money, but you may have to spend time doing something like a presentation of some sort. Well it turns out my girlfriend won a free vacation but the cost were to sit through a 90 minute presentation. Turned out the presentation was about becoming a member of Vacation Internationale aka VI Resorts. 

The pitch wasn’t bad and if you didn’t do the math correctly, you could be sucked into the vacation packages.  

So basically the deal was not a timeshare but a vacation package based on a point system.  

Your allotted so many points (think it was 150) that you could use towards a vacation. Of course other than points you also have to pay for maintenance fees. Here the catch, “You’re prequalified for financing.”

“Yeah right!”, I thought to myself. How much debt are you asking me (or in this case my girlfriend) to incur? I was just her date and she made it clear to the peddlers of the vacation deal was that I was her body guard. Yes that’s right. I was the eye candy. Hah!

I mentally calculated an estimate of about $10k USD. It turned out to be a little higher and was upwards of $18kUSD. I was proud my girlfriend for declining the initial package. Like car salesman they came back and offered a slightly more affordable package that had the same perks but about $8k and only $30 a month, with about $1k down. 

She again declined that offer and the peddlers came back and removed the $1k down. Still the total cost was $8k and monthly payments of $30. I was even more impressed that she declined that offer and just asked for the free trip. 

After discussing the night with her, I told her how impressed I was that she declined even the last offer. She admitted it was hard as $30/month was doable but $8k was not something she wanted to incur.

We drove back to my place and talked about money (just a little). I let her know that I had six properties that were fully paid and one day planned to build houses on them and sell them.  

I also informed her that I had purchased a timeshare many years ago for only $99 that I (we) could use for our future vacations. 

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7th Week: Timberline Trip (you want me to meet your ex?)

The last time down the bunny slope were successful without falling. We went up the lift and instead of making our way over the bunny slope we turned left to the direction of the green ski trails. Timberline wasn’t marked well at the top and one (the one being yours truly) could find themselves on a diamond run in no time. Luckily I had a guide of sorts as my girlfriend hadn’t previously skied here but knew how to make sense of the trail map. We finally found signage that read: “all trails this way”

We made our way down the slope. Actually she made her way down the slope. I decided that I had to panic and found myself heading for the trees that lined the left side of the hill. I quickly plowed and fell to the ground. I clipped back in and met her at the bottom of hill where the trails split to the trail heads for the varying degrees of difficulties. 

 She turned and asked, “What was up back there? It looked like you decided to lay down in the snow.” I told her, “I saw the big hill and for a second panicked because I was heading for the trees. So I took a dive!” We both laughed.  She said with great encouragement, “You got this! You know how to turn and stop. And if all else fails, do exactly what you just did.” She kissed me and said, “Let’s go skiing!”

I followed her through the green trails without falling. We even had to get on a blue trail for a little while to get to the green trail. We both made it on the blue stretch without falling. 

About 40 minutes later we found the bottom of the hill and the lift to take us back up the mountain. On the way up we decided that was enough for the first day. Also her right foot was hurting so I didn’t want her to be in more pain. This lift was much faster and we were up to the top in no time. We skied back to the lodge, clipped out of our skis, and made our way to her car. 

 All in all I only fell five times which I’m told was good for someone who had never been on skis before. 

By the time we had our gear off and in the car, it was about 1:30 pm. We were both hungry. We stopped off at one of the other dives in Welches Oregon and ate our lunch. After lunch we dropped off my ski equipment at the rental place and headed back to Portland to pickup her kids from their dad’s house. 

Now several days prior to our ski trip, we discussed if she were to drop me off first then pickup her kids. We decided to pickup the kids, then go out to eat, then drop me off. 

We arrived at her ex husband’s house and she walked up to the door to collect her kids. Moments later the whole crew came pouring out of the garage and front door of his house. Her ex was tall and his bride of ten years were petite and just a hair shorter than my girlfriend. He and I exchanged pleasantries. He had a nice firm handshake and his wife was also pleasant. We exchanged conversations for a few moments and then we piled into my girlfriend’s car. 

 So I’ve gone skiing for the first time in my life, I’ve met her ex, and now we’re off to a restaurant to have a family style dinner. 

What a weekend!

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7th Week: Timberline Trip (wait…that wasn’t the bunny slope??)

The next morning we again ate at the hotel restaurant because they were serving free hot continental breakfast. They had me at free and hot. 

We had eaten, checked out of our room, and were at the equipment rental place by 10. After another 30 minutes we were on the road to our skiing destination. Yesterday we found ample parking. However today since the weather were nice and we were earlier in the day, parking was a premium. On our second go around the parking assistants opened up a new parking area and we got the closest spot to the ski lodge.  

We geared up. Now I’ve never been in ski boots and found it difficult to walk because it’s not like walking in normal shoes. I observed a guy walking to his car in ski boots and tried to mimic him. He was using a heel to toe flowing motion. It worked out better than what I was doing. I guess my girlfriend was impressed I was able to master the art of walking in ski boots. But…I didn’t know what laid ahead. 

We got our all day lift tickets, which by the way were not cheap. But it’s better than walking back up from the bottom of the ski trails. 

Let’s backup a few days…

Technology is great and the various apps are quite helpful. You can find anything online these days even learning how to ski. I found an instructor on YouTube that had a series from the never been on skis before to the those who have been in skis most their lives. Prior to the trip I reviewed the YouTube videos several times. 

Getting in and out of the skis, the plow, the turns, and finally connecting the turns. So mentally I was prepared. 

Jumping back to the current day…

Viewing videos and actually doing each of the maneuvers are two completely different experiences. 

We started at a point where most of the beginners were. I clipped into my skis the same way I had remembered the YouTube instructor said to do. Then gently slid to the base of the little knoll. Okay not so bad.  

I proceeded to go back to where we started and my girlfriend said, “This way honey.” I said questioningly, “I thought this was the bunny slope?” She said pointing the opposite direction, “No, that’s the bunny slope.”

My immediate reaction, “That’s a hill!” She laughed and said, “You’ll be fine.” Now I tried to recollect the video instructions and I remembered I needed to start out with my skis in the plow position. Basically the back of my skis were pushed out and the front of my skis were together creating a plow. 

I started down the hill in the plow and I must have tilted my weight too much on one side and down I went.  

I wasn’t even 20 feet from the top of this bunny slope. I clipped out of my skis, stood up, and clipped back into them. I again attempted the hill starting in the plow position and another 20 feet or so further I found myself on my backside again. By this time I was not even half way down this hill. 

My girlfriend became my ski instructor the rest of the day. She came over to where I was and gave me some instructions on how to apply equal pressure. I followed her instructions and made it down the hill without falling again. I thought to myself, “Whew, well at least that was over.” I was observing other skiers making their way to the ski lift. My girlfriend motioned me towards the line to enter the lift. 

I glided into place right next to her. Now she turns to me and says, “Now when I say go, you quickly move into position!” She was now pointing to the marker on where to stand for the next chair. I was still processing when she said “go” and didn’t move into place. So we waited for the next chair which were only seconds behind that one. I was ready this time and were in position for the next chair. Up we went. We only had about a minute before we reached to the top. She gave another set of instructions, “You want to keep the tip of your skis up and quickly step and slide off the landing. You vear right and I’ll go straight.”

The top approached fast and I prepared myself as she instructed. However since we didn’t practice turns yet I ended up going straight and she was the one who turned. 

 I practiced the plow on this next trip down the hill and completed that run with no falls. We went back up the lift and were back up the top of the bunny slope again. This time we worked on turns. She gave her instructions and not more than 20 feet I found myself sideways and laying on the snow again. Once back on my skis I attempted turning again. It was a rough go and thought I had it and boom back down. 

I made my way to the bottom of the slope and recalled my mistakes. We got back on top of the slope and repeated the exercise of turning. This time I learned to open up my knees and let the skis do the work. I did much better and didn’t fall. One more time back up the slope via the lifts. This time my girlfriend coached, “I’m going to be your obstacle. You need to maneuver around me without hitting me. You practice your turns as well as your plows.”

We started down the slope with her in front causing obstacles for me to maneuver around. Left turn, straight, right turn, straight, and repeat. I made it down the slope again without falling. She congratulated me and asked, “Are you ready to tackle one the green slopes?”

I replied, “One more time down the bunny slope…”

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6th Week: Timberline Trip (no night skiing, what?)

Several weeks ago, we had planned to go on our first mini road trip and to include a physical sporting activity. Since this year’s snowfall was much better than previous years we decided on a ski trip. Now I’ve never been skiing in all my 51 years of my life. But I’m always willing to try a new sport. I mean I picked up playing cricket about three years ago why not skiing. 

As always our planning is governed a lot by her kids’ schedules. The plan called for her to be at my house around 10am and for us to be in the road shortly thereafter. We actually left my house around 11:30. 

By the time we left, we were already hungry but waited until we were passed the Portland traffic to ensure we could get to our mountain destination. 

We stopped off in a town called Welches, Oregon for our lunch break. There are no lights in this town but there are a few good food dives. We stopped at one of my favorites called Wraptitude.  

The reason I know of this tow and of this eating establishment is last year I attended an entrepreneur conference in this same town in the same hotel we are actually staying in later tonight. 

About an hour later, we were back on the road headed up to our skiing destination. We reached the timberline ski area around 2pm and found our way to the customer service line. It turned out their lifts closed in two hours and they don’t have night skiing. 

The customer service provided great information and suggested we come back tomorrow morning to take full advantage of the whole day. She also suggested to rent my equipment in the town we were staying as the rental fees would be less expensive. 

So as we typically do, we readjusted our schedules and made alternate plans…

We drove back to the town we were staying, checked in to our hotel room, and relaxed for the afternoon. Later that night we ate at the hotel restaurant and found the food delicious.  

I recognized the waitress as she used to work at Wraptitude. 

After our meal, we meandered back to our hotel room for some rest and of course some adult fun…

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I’m 6th Week: Thursday (I’m your what?)

Family is a big thing for me as they are my support and my one place for sanctuary. That’s the way it was for my family anyway, particularly with my mother and the older of my two sisters. We all have family drama but at the core we are there to support each other. I have tried to pass down the same closeness and family values to my kids.

It’s really hard to get to know someone when you just go out to a restaurant or to some other public venue. The niceties are always at their best. If I were honest with myself, I know I’m falling for my special lady friend but I need to see more of how she interacts with her family.

 The family Easter gathering was a great example and provided a peek into how my special lady friend acts in a holiday settings. It also shows how she relates with her kids and her parents. 

So Thursday we decided to just lay low and hang out at her house. Of course I didn’t reveal in our conversation that I want to see how she and her children interact. Now granted her children are teenagers and that’s usually a strained relationship as they grow into young adults. I knew growing up there were some times my parents and me didn’t see eye to eye. 

Up until last Sunday’s Easter dinner, I’ve had only seen brief glimpses of mother and child interactions. I’m not really sure what to expect…

Thursday was her daughter’s tennis match so I met her at the courts where her daughter’s tennis match was held.  

By the time I arrived, her daughter’s game ended and they were watching the other girls on the varsity tennis team play. The last time I came to one of her daughter’s  matches, it took several hours before her daughter actually played.

Let’s step back a few days…

Earlier in the week, a day or two after the Easter dinner, my special lady friend told me, “I heard through the grapevine that my kids like you and so does my parents.” I asked how she heard this and she informed, “One of the parents told me this.” So I guess I won over the family.

Fast forward to game night. I walked over to where she was sitting and talking with who I was assuming to be one of the parents. My special lady friend did the introductions, “C the is my boyfriend, Sam. Sam this is my friend C, who is one of the parents.” I mentally recalled what she just said while saying, “Hello, nice to meet you” to her friend C. 

 Did I hear correctly? Did she just call me her boyfriend. I was a little shocked but I guess it fits. Does that make her my girlfriend? 

We (and by that I mean my now girlfriend) decided we should go to dinner since her daughter already played her match. While she relayed our dinner plans with her daughter, I small chatted with her friend C. Shortly thereafter we left in my car for dinner. 

The place we selected had great ambiance but the food was just so so. As the expression goes, “It’s nothing to write home about.” But the company was great. I avoided mentioning my new label and just went with the flow. 

Conversation was good as usual as we ate and drank our beers and enjoyed each other’s company. Again I felt this were the niceties. I couldn’t wait to get to her house and observe the interactions with her kids. We finished our meal and met her daughter back at the tennis courts, and then followed them back to her house. I’m thinking, ” This is it! I get to experience the unbridled interaction.”

But as with teenagers, they really didn’t interact with their mom. It turned out we were left alone on the sofa watching a TV cooking show while her kids sequestered themselves to their respective rooms. So I asked with a statement, “So your kids really don’t hangout with you much anymore?”  She responded sadly, “No. This is what I usually do. I’m down here watching some TV show while they are in their rooms. 

Life is different since I was a kid…

After a while, my girlfriend decided to lay her head in my lap and take a short nap.  

I went from a boyfriend to some guy stroking my girlfriend’s hair while she took a nap on my lap as her twins were up in their rooms and her oldest was in his downstairs bedroom located just across from where we sat. 

Did I just time warped into a family setting. Seriously…did that just happened…

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6th Week: Sunday (Easter dinner) 

Since the weather wasn’t cooperating, we moved the cooking of the seafood boil into her garage. One thing to note: be sure to have the garage door open as the burn off from the propane gas burner needs to be vented. 

I started the boil about 2:30pm thinking it would be enough time to have everything done by 3:30. What I hadn’t realized was it takes a while for 20 quarts of water to come to a rolling boil. So one thing to adjust for my big party is to allow time to get the water boiling for my big 40 quart cooker. 

About 3pm, the water started to come to a rolling boil. Another ten minutes later I started to add the first of many ingredients.  

At this point her mom and dad arrived and that’s when I noticed a change in my special lady friend’s body language. I read in her a tension that wasn’t there the first time I met her parents. But then again, the setting was at a sporting event. It’s interesting to learn about families and the dynamics of the family unit. We all have skeletons in the family closets and it looked like one of the skeletons would reveal itself tonight. 

Her father was carrying a roasting pan with the Easter ham. He paused a few moments to say hello and then went through the garage to take the ham inside the kitchen. Her mom was a quick step behind her husband but lingered with me in the garage. After dropping off the ham in the kitchen he returned to the garage to watch me with the boil. 

It turns out no one in their family had ever experienced a seafood boil. So now the pressure is higher to ensure all tastes good. Or maybe the advantageous for me as it’s okay if it doesn’t quite taste right. How would they know, right?

The last ingredient was added about 30 minutes after they arrived. Then the most important part of the cooking process was the much needed soaking time.  

I had planned to test taste after 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes of soaking. The longer the seafood soaks in the boil mix, the more spicy the food gets. 

It turned out my seafood boil was not as spicy as the atmosphere was in the house. Apparently after my final pull, about 30 minutes, I walked into the kitchen where some heated, or should I say passionate, conversations were exchanged between my special lady friend and her mom and dad. Her oldest son and her twins were also involved towards the end. I was interesting to say the least. 

Now maybe they stopped because they noticed I had walked up to the table where they sat. Or maybe there were a silent signal to turn down the heated debates. Whatever it was, the heated talks died down as suddenly similarly to when I cut the propane off on my seafood boil. Just like the soaking process I’m sure the spice would show itself somewhere else. 

I found a place at the table and began eating with them. I asked, “So what do you all think?”  

Her dad was the first to respond. It’s great and reminds me when I was younger when we had Sunday family dinners.” That was unexpected and nice to hear. The rest of the family joined in and also said it was good.

As usual I was the last to finish eating. Not only because I joined last but it’s also because I took my time to relish the flavor and made mental notes of what to change for the next test run. Her father continued to graze which showed he truly loved it. They hardly touched the ham or my lady friend’s homemade macaroni and cheese. 

When I finished eating, I did what I typically have done… I began washing dishes. My special lady friend was outside hiding Easter eggs for her kids, her mom were inside talking with her kids and her dad continued to graze on the remnants of the seafood boil – I guess he really liked it. 

I continued cleaning up our mess when my special lady friend came in and announced the Easter egg hunt was ready. Their tradition was different than mine as each of her children had assigned colors, which again was odd to me. In my younger years, my siblings and I just hunted the eggs then shared our bounty with each other. There was no sharing in the tradition I was observing.  

There was yelling and at one moment the oldest son came back in and pouted. Again, a little different. Okay it’s a lot different. 

Jumping to the end of the family togetherness, it turned out the kids were spending a night at their grandparents. However before leaving, her younger son gave me a hug. Her mom also gave me a hug and told me, “Thank you for cooking for us. You’re a good cook!” She then looked over to her daughter and said, “He’s a keeper!” 

We all laughed…

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6th Week: Sunday (prep for 2nd test run) 

The first test run for my pre summer seafood boil was just okay and was limited to myself. For the second test run I decided to have a larger gathering for my taste judges.  

I had also tweaked my recipe to add some additional spices and remove ingredients that took away from the overall taste. I’ll reveal my ingredient list in a future post once I get the taste and process dialed in. 

For this second test run, I would be feeding seven folks including myself. So I also adjusted the amount of ingredients as well. Another thing I would gain from this test run would be the adjustment needed on the cooking time between each layer when using a larger pot. As with my first test run I used a 20 quart pot and cooked my gas stove. For this round, I bought a new 40 gallon boiling pot with lid, an outside burner, a propane tank, and a propane tank holder. One other item I added was a basket that fits into the 40 gallon and would help in pulling out the boiled food. 

 Let’s step backwards to the previous day briefly…

I called the market where I had planned to buy the seafood just to be sure they would be open on Easter Sunday. The lady on the phone confirmed they would be open their normal Sunday hours. In fact, all the grocery stores were scheduled to be open. 

Allow me to digress a little more…

My absolute favorite time to shop at the grocery stores is in early Sunday morning. The main reason for this time slot was there were hardly anyone in the store. I like to take my time when grocery shopping and not have to maneuver around abandoned and/or parked carts littered in the aisles with no apparent shopper associated with those carts. 

Off my ranting and back to the meal preparation…

On Sunday morning, I purchased the seafood, the boil seasonings, the other ingredients and was completed by middle of the morning. I packed my car and texted my special lady friend that I was on the way. 

I arrived a few minutes after 12 noon. We had some time to kill as the dinner wasn’t to start until 3:30. While we waited, I helped her clean her house for her parents arrival. We started in on the cleaning of her deck when it began to rain. 

Wait did I just get sucked into doing a “honey do list”…

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5th Week: Saturday (concert or Netflix & chill)

After our supper club, we sat in the parking lot for some time discussing whether to go to my coworker’s gig or to go do something local. 

We decided to stay local…

At some point in a relationship there comes a time when a couple takes that emotional step together and moves beyond the “special friend” state and into the “boyfriend / girlfriend” state. 

At the supper club, the party at our table thought my special lady friend and me were a couple that had been together for years. In fact the mother and and daughter team who sat acrossed from us were shocked to learn we had only known each other since middle of January. They were not the first people to make this comment or perception. 

In fact people had made that leap on several occasions. Our second date at the Portland wine and seafood, my friend’s celebration party, our date at the local SIP (another wine and seafood event), and tonight’s supper club. 

I could feel the transition happen and I’m comfortable with it. Although it seems fast if you look in the rear view mirror, it feels right to move to that next phase of our relationship. 

To finish out our date we drove around he neighborhood along her running path. I was impressed as her route had some steep inclines. She navigated me to a park along a dimly lit street and asked me to pull over and kill the engine. 

 She climbed over and sat in my lap. I slowly reclined my seat…

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5th Week: Saturday (supper club)

The next day after our hike and soaking pool experience, my special lady friend and I had planned for a supper club experience in her local town. 

Just to describe a supper club…

Once a month this local restaurant puts on a social event for limited guests that sign up to partake in a unique dining experience. The menu is set so there are no substitutions. You get what is on the menu. You also are given the option of buying the meal only or opt for the wine pairing. 

As an aside, if I were to venture into the restaurant business, this is the type of dining experience I would create…

As what we’ve done in one of our previous dates, we selected the wine pairing option. 

Because it’s a first come first served basis, there is limited seating and the folks that put this supper together also puts their guests at various tables. We were assigned to a table that sat eight. We immediately liked the mother and daughter team who sat acrossed from us as they were there to enjoy the food. The two husband and wife team on the end opposite us were the “wine snobs” of our table.

Now we both enjoy wine with our meals and enjoy how wines enhance the flavor of the food and how it also livens up the dining experience but neither of us can tell you about the bouquet of the wine or the hints of flavor that bring out the blah blah of the acidity or what have you with the food the wine was paired with. 

Now I’m sure there are a few folks in this small world of ours that have that distinct pallet that can decipher the unique flavors in wine, but the wine snobs at our table were not those folks. No offense to the true wine connoisseurs and Somalias…

The first course was beet soup infused with uni butter and topped with shrimp scampi and micro greens. This was paired with a 2011 Ancient Cellars Pinot Gris from Oregon.  

We ignored the wine snob comments coming from the other end of the table. We thought the soup was incredible and the pairing was appropriate. 

The next course was the Farro Arancini that had fromage blanc, foraged mushrooms, and rapini greens. This was paired with a 2011 Eisold Smith Viani Barbara from Oregon.  

We thought the food was tasty but didn’t care for the wine pairing. Again we ignored the wine snobs as they were raving about it blended well with the food. I think they were already tipsy before dinner started. 

The main entrees were the braised rabbit served with nettles, green garlic, gnocchi alla romana, and hazelnuts. This was paired with a 2011 Barnett Vineyards Chardonnay from California.  

We thought the wine served with the last course would have gone better with the rabbit and the Chardonnay served with this course should have been paired with the previous. But what do we know. Again we ignored the snooty ramblings of the wine snobs. 

The last course was an olive oil cake served with berry, creme fraiche, and smoked sea salt. This desert was paired with a 2012 Eisold Smith Pinot Noir from Oregon. After our first bite we both thought the Pinot Noir was not a good fit and the wine needed to be of the more sweeter variety.  

Again what do we know. The snobs on the other end of the table thought it was delicately balanced with the smoky flavor of the sea salt. Huh?? Did they taste the same food!!

Other than our up turned attitudes and famous name droppers of some of our table guests, the dining experience was great. The mother and daughter team that sat across from us were delightful. Some of the wine pairings were questionable but again what do we know…

Unlike the prior dates, we were one of the first ones to leave the building, but we did sit in the car in the parking lot until everyone else left. 

So technically, as usual, we closed the place down…

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5th Week: Friday (I have to shower where)

In our planning, we discussed we were going to soak and then go grab a bite to eat. We had also talked about showering after the soaking but before our dinner. So I packed my shower necessities. 

Since we had an hour before our turn in the soaking pool, we decided to grab a quick bite and a beer in one of their restaurants. 

A side note…

McMenamins are known for taking old buildings and properties and repurposing them for entertainment. Some of their properties include activities such as a par 3 golf course, concert stages, movie theaters, and bowling alleys just to name a few. In all their establishments, they have at least one themed restaurant. On this particular property there were at least three restaurants. 

We selected one that had a tropical island theme and Bob Marley music playing in the background. We selected this one mainly because there were no signage reading: No Minors Allowed. 

 We were able to enjoy some Cajun tots and beer before our buzzer sounded indicating our spots for the soaking pool were available. We checked in, changed into our swim suits and entered into the gateway to the soaking pool. 

It still hadn’t dawned on me that I would be barefoot until I entered the door that led to the locker room to store our belongings. As I removed my shoes and socks, I immediately cringed as my bare feet touched the wet slimy concrete floor that I’m sure had millions upon millions of tiny germs awaiting to pounce on my new bare flesh. “Yuck!” Screamed my inner voice. “Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!”

Another side bar…

Mentally and subconsciously when I’m barefooted, my toes curl up so that only the soles of my feet touch the floor surface.  

I guess my thinking is germs would have a harder time getting through the soles of my feet. I’ll go with that thought, but I don’t really know…

Back to the story…

Having not been to a soaking pool before, the next thought of stepping in a heated saline and chlorine water mix with at least half a dozen of other folks sent more icky feelings through me. But I bared it just to say I did it once. 

The water wasn’t bad. After awhile it was soothing but at first I had to convince myself the heated water would kill off any germs. Yeah right! But at least that’s what I told myself to keep my composure.  

Now my special lady friend must have noticed my reaction as she asked me several times if I were okay. I tried to put on a poker face and lied, “Yeah I’m fine.” My friends who know me well would say, “You did what?!!”

After our skins on our hands were wrinkled from soaking in the heated saline water, we decided it was time to leave and go to dinner. Although I had packed my shower supplies, I didn’t think about the actual shower experience until I saw the shower facilities. “Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!” my mind screamed again. 

The shower facilities in the men’s room consisted of a couple of shower stalls. The floor had those white mini tiles and dark grout. I’m thinking the grout was dark colored and not because of grime or mildew. One of the shower stalls was much larger and looked to accommodate multiple bodies. Each stall was enclosed with plastic non-transparent shower curtains. I selected the smaller shower stall. 

 Again I had to remove my shoes and expose my bare skin on the tiled shower floor. With my toes curled upwards and as fast as I could, I showered off the chlorine and saline water mix and got dressed. I could still smell both solutions on my skin but at least my feet were safely covered and protected from the germ infested floor. 

Mental note: The next time, I’ll bring my water shoes… 

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