DIY: Garage Storage (planning to go vertical)

Another project for this summer is to install hanging storage shelving in my garage. I had installed hanging shelf units in my previous house and they turned out to be very handy for keeping my nonessential and/or seasonal items stored close for easy access, but yet out of the way. It’s also cheaper than paying for a storage unit. 

Since I’ve only been in my new to me house since October of last year (2015), I still have items in a storage unit. And if you’re thinking, “You must be paying a pretty penny every month”, you’re right! Thus my hanging storage shelves project. 

 Since I’ve had so much luck with Home Depot lately (Not!), I’m strongly debating against the big box store. But that means I’ll pay more for the same or similar device at a local supply store. I don’t like the idea either of paying more for an item readily available. Specialty items are different, but shelving units should be standard across the board. 

Damn! I just talked myself into buying at the big box store. Fine! Home Depot or Lowes, let’s see what you have for inventory…

But here’s some sage wisdom…

Measure the space before going so you know what you’ll need. Guess who didn’t do that and returned with nothing because he didn’t measure the overhead clearance in his garage space first. If you’ve read my other DIY posts, that person I’ve referenced is yours truly. 

Measuring the distance from the ceiling to the top of the garage door railing, in my case, the hanging storage space could have a max of 36 inches and collectively could span across the garage a max of 22 feet. 

The other thing to consider, or at least that’s what I’m considering is the design of the storage space. Does it only need to go across the garage above the garage door, or does it need to wrap around either side (or both). 

 So other than only going back to the big box store the second time to shop and “physically take possession”. I also need to stop by my storage unit and calculate and plan out the amount of suspended shelving I need…

More to come as I’m sure there will be many lessons learned…

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