5th Week: Friday (soaking pool)

After our hike at Angels Rest, the plan was to relax in the soaking pool at the McMenamins Kennedy School. For those who have followed and read my prior posts, you’ll recollect I’m a bit of a clean freak. 

Not only do I have an issue of always having my house cleaned and at a presentable state, I also have an issue sitting, or in this case soaking, in a pool with a bunch of other strangers. But I’ll try it out just to experience it once. 

Some background to the reason for going to the soaking pool in the first place…

My special lady friend’s 14 year old daughter had, on many failed attempts, tried to get her mother to get her to the soaking pool before the cutoff time for under 18 years old. The soaking pool is open to the general public until 6pm.  

Afterwards it becomes an 18 year old and over crowd. In previous attempts, they started out on the plan to get the soaking pool, but something always had prevented them from getting there in time for her daughter to actually experience it. 

Our aim was to obtain that goal…but after our hike of course. 

We started our hike at Angels Rest about 1PM. I had estimated it would take us a couple of hours as the total distance up and back were only 4.2 miles. Unfortunately I didn’t account for the slowness of the ascent to the top. Now I’m used to hiking with steep elevation gains, but my special lady friend was not. 

Semi spoiler alert…

So instead of the two hours I anticipated, it took us a little more than three hours, which was cutting into the travel time for getting her daughter to the soaking pool before minors were excluded. 

After having reached the top of Angels Rest and having awed at in the incredible views for a few minutes,  

we descended and reached the car around 4:15pm. We pulled onto the freeway by 4:30pm. My trusted map ap told us we would arrive there at about 5:15, which gave her daughter 45 minutes of soaking time. Her daughter sadly uttered, “See we’re not going to get there in time again.” I reassured her, “We’re going to get you there even if it means you are only able to soak for a few minutes!”

Because she was disappointed many times in the past, she probably thought to herself “yeah right” but she replied, “Well that’s better than our prior attempts.”

What none of us realized was it was Friday afternoon and we were approaching the rush hour traffic. We were all in bewilderment when we came across a traffic snarl.  

Luckily my map ap also identified the rush hour traffic and directed us off the highway and routed us through an alternate route. 

Technology does have its limitations and eventually we were caught behind a long traffic line. By this time it was 5pm. My map ap recalculated our arrival time at 5:35pm. Her daughter looked more disappointed. I encouraged her, “Stay with me! We’re going to get there so you can experience it today!”

I opened my other map ap called Waze I had used in the past to find alternate routes that had less traffic. I absolutely love this ap as we were in the parking lot of our destination at 5:17pm. We all bolted from her vehicle and made our way to the counter where patrons reserved their spot for the soaking pool. 

I guess a lot of families also had the same idea to take their children to the soaking pool as we discovered there were many families ahead of us already on the waiting list. Apparently they only allow a limited number of people in at a time. The next available slot was after 6pm, which was the anti-minor time. The man attending to us asked, “Is everyone 18 and older?” to which my special lady friend said, “My daughter is not.” 

Now all three of us must have had a sad look on our faces. After a brief silent moment he said, “I’ll let you guys in this time, but next time please try to get here sooner.” We profusely thanked him.  

 I looked at her daughter and she had a smile that stretched across her face. I jokingly said to her, “I am your lucky charm!”…

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