5th Week: Friday (I have to shower where)

In our planning, we discussed we were going to soak and then go grab a bite to eat. We had also talked about showering after the soaking but before our dinner. So I packed my shower necessities. 

Since we had an hour before our turn in the soaking pool, we decided to grab a quick bite and a beer in one of their restaurants. 

A side note…

McMenamins are known for taking old buildings and properties and repurposing them for entertainment. Some of their properties include activities such as a par 3 golf course, concert stages, movie theaters, and bowling alleys just to name a few. In all their establishments, they have at least one themed restaurant. On this particular property there were at least three restaurants. 

We selected one that had a tropical island theme and Bob Marley music playing in the background. We selected this one mainly because there were no signage reading: No Minors Allowed. 

 We were able to enjoy some Cajun tots and beer before our buzzer sounded indicating our spots for the soaking pool were available. We checked in, changed into our swim suits and entered into the gateway to the soaking pool. 

It still hadn’t dawned on me that I would be barefoot until I entered the door that led to the locker room to store our belongings. As I removed my shoes and socks, I immediately cringed as my bare feet touched the wet slimy concrete floor that I’m sure had millions upon millions of tiny germs awaiting to pounce on my new bare flesh. “Yuck!” Screamed my inner voice. “Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!”

Another side bar…

Mentally and subconsciously when I’m barefooted, my toes curl up so that only the soles of my feet touch the floor surface.  

I guess my thinking is germs would have a harder time getting through the soles of my feet. I’ll go with that thought, but I don’t really know…

Back to the story…

Having not been to a soaking pool before, the next thought of stepping in a heated saline and chlorine water mix with at least half a dozen of other folks sent more icky feelings through me. But I bared it just to say I did it once. 

The water wasn’t bad. After awhile it was soothing but at first I had to convince myself the heated water would kill off any germs. Yeah right! But at least that’s what I told myself to keep my composure.  

Now my special lady friend must have noticed my reaction as she asked me several times if I were okay. I tried to put on a poker face and lied, “Yeah I’m fine.” My friends who know me well would say, “You did what?!!”

After our skins on our hands were wrinkled from soaking in the heated saline water, we decided it was time to leave and go to dinner. Although I had packed my shower supplies, I didn’t think about the actual shower experience until I saw the shower facilities. “Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!” my mind screamed again. 

The shower facilities in the men’s room consisted of a couple of shower stalls. The floor had those white mini tiles and dark grout. I’m thinking the grout was dark colored and not because of grime or mildew. One of the shower stalls was much larger and looked to accommodate multiple bodies. Each stall was enclosed with plastic non-transparent shower curtains. I selected the smaller shower stall. 

 Again I had to remove my shoes and expose my bare skin on the tiled shower floor. With my toes curled upwards and as fast as I could, I showered off the chlorine and saline water mix and got dressed. I could still smell both solutions on my skin but at least my feet were safely covered and protected from the germ infested floor. 

Mental note: The next time, I’ll bring my water shoes… 

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