5th Week: Saturday (supper club)

The next day after our hike and soaking pool experience, my special lady friend and I had planned for a supper club experience in her local town. 

Just to describe a supper club…

Once a month this local restaurant puts on a social event for limited guests that sign up to partake in a unique dining experience. The menu is set so there are no substitutions. You get what is on the menu. You also are given the option of buying the meal only or opt for the wine pairing. 

As an aside, if I were to venture into the restaurant business, this is the type of dining experience I would create…

As what we’ve done in one of our previous dates, we selected the wine pairing option. 

Because it’s a first come first served basis, there is limited seating and the folks that put this supper together also puts their guests at various tables. We were assigned to a table that sat eight. We immediately liked the mother and daughter team who sat acrossed from us as they were there to enjoy the food. The two husband and wife team on the end opposite us were the “wine snobs” of our table.

Now we both enjoy wine with our meals and enjoy how wines enhance the flavor of the food and how it also livens up the dining experience but neither of us can tell you about the bouquet of the wine or the hints of flavor that bring out the blah blah of the acidity or what have you with the food the wine was paired with. 

Now I’m sure there are a few folks in this small world of ours that have that distinct pallet that can decipher the unique flavors in wine, but the wine snobs at our table were not those folks. No offense to the true wine connoisseurs and Somalias…

The first course was beet soup infused with uni butter and topped with shrimp scampi and micro greens. This was paired with a 2011 Ancient Cellars Pinot Gris from Oregon.  

We ignored the wine snob comments coming from the other end of the table. We thought the soup was incredible and the pairing was appropriate. 

The next course was the Farro Arancini that had fromage blanc, foraged mushrooms, and rapini greens. This was paired with a 2011 Eisold Smith Viani Barbara from Oregon.  

We thought the food was tasty but didn’t care for the wine pairing. Again we ignored the wine snobs as they were raving about it blended well with the food. I think they were already tipsy before dinner started. 

The main entrees were the braised rabbit served with nettles, green garlic, gnocchi alla romana, and hazelnuts. This was paired with a 2011 Barnett Vineyards Chardonnay from California.  

We thought the wine served with the last course would have gone better with the rabbit and the Chardonnay served with this course should have been paired with the previous. But what do we know. Again we ignored the snooty ramblings of the wine snobs. 

The last course was an olive oil cake served with berry, creme fraiche, and smoked sea salt. This desert was paired with a 2012 Eisold Smith Pinot Noir from Oregon. After our first bite we both thought the Pinot Noir was not a good fit and the wine needed to be of the more sweeter variety.  

Again what do we know. The snobs on the other end of the table thought it was delicately balanced with the smoky flavor of the sea salt. Huh?? Did they taste the same food!!

Other than our up turned attitudes and famous name droppers of some of our table guests, the dining experience was great. The mother and daughter team that sat across from us were delightful. Some of the wine pairings were questionable but again what do we know…

Unlike the prior dates, we were one of the first ones to leave the building, but we did sit in the car in the parking lot until everyone else left. 

So technically, as usual, we closed the place down…

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