5th Week: Saturday (concert or Netflix & chill)

After our supper club, we sat in the parking lot for some time discussing whether to go to my coworker’s gig or to go do something local. 

We decided to stay local…

At some point in a relationship there comes a time when a couple takes that emotional step together and moves beyond the “special friend” state and into the “boyfriend / girlfriend” state. 

At the supper club, the party at our table thought my special lady friend and me were a couple that had been together for years. In fact the mother and and daughter team who sat acrossed from us were shocked to learn we had only known each other since middle of January. They were not the first people to make this comment or perception. 

In fact people had made that leap on several occasions. Our second date at the Portland wine and seafood, my friend’s celebration party, our date at the local SIP (another wine and seafood event), and tonight’s supper club. 

I could feel the transition happen and I’m comfortable with it. Although it seems fast if you look in the rear view mirror, it feels right to move to that next phase of our relationship. 

To finish out our date we drove around he neighborhood along her running path. I was impressed as her route had some steep inclines. She navigated me to a park along a dimly lit street and asked me to pull over and kill the engine. 

 She climbed over and sat in my lap. I slowly reclined my seat…

#singleasianmale #dating #buddingromance #relationship


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