I’m 6th Week: Thursday (I’m your what?)

Family is a big thing for me as they are my support and my one place for sanctuary. That’s the way it was for my family anyway, particularly with my mother and the older of my two sisters. We all have family drama but at the core we are there to support each other. I have tried to pass down the same closeness and family values to my kids.

It’s really hard to get to know someone when you just go out to a restaurant or to some other public venue. The niceties are always at their best. If I were honest with myself, I know I’m falling for my special lady friend but I need to see more of how she interacts with her family.

 The family Easter gathering was a great example and provided a peek into how my special lady friend acts in a holiday settings. It also shows how she relates with her kids and her parents. 

So Thursday we decided to just lay low and hang out at her house. Of course I didn’t reveal in our conversation that I want to see how she and her children interact. Now granted her children are teenagers and that’s usually a strained relationship as they grow into young adults. I knew growing up there were some times my parents and me didn’t see eye to eye. 

Up until last Sunday’s Easter dinner, I’ve had only seen brief glimpses of mother and child interactions. I’m not really sure what to expect…

Thursday was her daughter’s tennis match so I met her at the courts where her daughter’s tennis match was held.  

By the time I arrived, her daughter’s game ended and they were watching the other girls on the varsity tennis team play. The last time I came to one of her daughter’s  matches, it took several hours before her daughter actually played.

Let’s step back a few days…

Earlier in the week, a day or two after the Easter dinner, my special lady friend told me, “I heard through the grapevine that my kids like you and so does my parents.” I asked how she heard this and she informed, “One of the parents told me this.” So I guess I won over the family.

Fast forward to game night. I walked over to where she was sitting and talking with who I was assuming to be one of the parents. My special lady friend did the introductions, “C the is my boyfriend, Sam. Sam this is my friend C, who is one of the parents.” I mentally recalled what she just said while saying, “Hello, nice to meet you” to her friend C. 

 Did I hear correctly? Did she just call me her boyfriend. I was a little shocked but I guess it fits. Does that make her my girlfriend? 

We (and by that I mean my now girlfriend) decided we should go to dinner since her daughter already played her match. While she relayed our dinner plans with her daughter, I small chatted with her friend C. Shortly thereafter we left in my car for dinner. 

The place we selected had great ambiance but the food was just so so. As the expression goes, “It’s nothing to write home about.” But the company was great. I avoided mentioning my new label and just went with the flow. 

Conversation was good as usual as we ate and drank our beers and enjoyed each other’s company. Again I felt this were the niceties. I couldn’t wait to get to her house and observe the interactions with her kids. We finished our meal and met her daughter back at the tennis courts, and then followed them back to her house. I’m thinking, ” This is it! I get to experience the unbridled interaction.”

But as with teenagers, they really didn’t interact with their mom. It turned out we were left alone on the sofa watching a TV cooking show while her kids sequestered themselves to their respective rooms. So I asked with a statement, “So your kids really don’t hangout with you much anymore?”  She responded sadly, “No. This is what I usually do. I’m down here watching some TV show while they are in their rooms. 

Life is different since I was a kid…

After a while, my girlfriend decided to lay her head in my lap and take a short nap.  

I went from a boyfriend to some guy stroking my girlfriend’s hair while she took a nap on my lap as her twins were up in their rooms and her oldest was in his downstairs bedroom located just across from where we sat. 

Did I just time warped into a family setting. Seriously…did that just happened…

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