6th Week: Timberline Trip (no night skiing, what?)

Several weeks ago, we had planned to go on our first mini road trip and to include a physical sporting activity. Since this year’s snowfall was much better than previous years we decided on a ski trip. Now I’ve never been skiing in all my 51 years of my life. But I’m always willing to try a new sport. I mean I picked up playing cricket about three years ago why not skiing. 

As always our planning is governed a lot by her kids’ schedules. The plan called for her to be at my house around 10am and for us to be in the road shortly thereafter. We actually left my house around 11:30. 

By the time we left, we were already hungry but waited until we were passed the Portland traffic to ensure we could get to our mountain destination. 

We stopped off in a town called Welches, Oregon for our lunch break. There are no lights in this town but there are a few good food dives. We stopped at one of my favorites called Wraptitude.  

The reason I know of this tow and of this eating establishment is last year I attended an entrepreneur conference in this same town in the same hotel we are actually staying in later tonight. 

About an hour later, we were back on the road headed up to our skiing destination. We reached the timberline ski area around 2pm and found our way to the customer service line. It turned out their lifts closed in two hours and they don’t have night skiing. 

The customer service provided great information and suggested we come back tomorrow morning to take full advantage of the whole day. She also suggested to rent my equipment in the town we were staying as the rental fees would be less expensive. 

So as we typically do, we readjusted our schedules and made alternate plans…

We drove back to the town we were staying, checked in to our hotel room, and relaxed for the afternoon. Later that night we ate at the hotel restaurant and found the food delicious.  

I recognized the waitress as she used to work at Wraptitude. 

After our meal, we meandered back to our hotel room for some rest and of course some adult fun…

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