7th Week: Timberline Trip (you want me to meet your ex?)

The last time down the bunny slope were successful without falling. We went up the lift and instead of making our way over the bunny slope we turned left to the direction of the green ski trails. Timberline wasn’t marked well at the top and one (the one being yours truly) could find themselves on a diamond run in no time. Luckily I had a guide of sorts as my girlfriend hadn’t previously skied here but knew how to make sense of the trail map. We finally found signage that read: “all trails this way”

We made our way down the slope. Actually she made her way down the slope. I decided that I had to panic and found myself heading for the trees that lined the left side of the hill. I quickly plowed and fell to the ground. I clipped back in and met her at the bottom of hill where the trails split to the trail heads for the varying degrees of difficulties. 

 She turned and asked, “What was up back there? It looked like you decided to lay down in the snow.” I told her, “I saw the big hill and for a second panicked because I was heading for the trees. So I took a dive!” We both laughed.  She said with great encouragement, “You got this! You know how to turn and stop. And if all else fails, do exactly what you just did.” She kissed me and said, “Let’s go skiing!”

I followed her through the green trails without falling. We even had to get on a blue trail for a little while to get to the green trail. We both made it on the blue stretch without falling. 

About 40 minutes later we found the bottom of the hill and the lift to take us back up the mountain. On the way up we decided that was enough for the first day. Also her right foot was hurting so I didn’t want her to be in more pain. This lift was much faster and we were up to the top in no time. We skied back to the lodge, clipped out of our skis, and made our way to her car. 

 All in all I only fell five times which I’m told was good for someone who had never been on skis before. 

By the time we had our gear off and in the car, it was about 1:30 pm. We were both hungry. We stopped off at one of the other dives in Welches Oregon and ate our lunch. After lunch we dropped off my ski equipment at the rental place and headed back to Portland to pickup her kids from their dad’s house. 

Now several days prior to our ski trip, we discussed if she were to drop me off first then pickup her kids. We decided to pickup the kids, then go out to eat, then drop me off. 

We arrived at her ex husband’s house and she walked up to the door to collect her kids. Moments later the whole crew came pouring out of the garage and front door of his house. Her ex was tall and his bride of ten years were petite and just a hair shorter than my girlfriend. He and I exchanged pleasantries. He had a nice firm handshake and his wife was also pleasant. We exchanged conversations for a few moments and then we piled into my girlfriend’s car. 

 So I’ve gone skiing for the first time in my life, I’ve met her ex, and now we’re off to a restaurant to have a family style dinner. 

What a weekend!

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