7th Week: Tuesday (show me the money)

Is it weird to go with my girlfriend to one of those vacation sales talks where they try to sell their attendees a vacation package? 

Let’s step back several weeks to my date with my now girlfriend. We went to the Portland Wine and Seafood Festival. Here’s the link to the beginning of that series of posts: http://wp.me/p70WJj-fO .

During that date you can register for a free prize. Well as we all know nothing in this world is truly free. You may not be out money, but you may have to spend time doing something like a presentation of some sort. Well it turns out my girlfriend won a free vacation but the cost were to sit through a 90 minute presentation. Turned out the presentation was about becoming a member of Vacation Internationale aka VI Resorts. 

The pitch wasn’t bad and if you didn’t do the math correctly, you could be sucked into the vacation packages.  

So basically the deal was not a timeshare but a vacation package based on a point system.  

Your allotted so many points (think it was 150) that you could use towards a vacation. Of course other than points you also have to pay for maintenance fees. Here the catch, “You’re prequalified for financing.”

“Yeah right!”, I thought to myself. How much debt are you asking me (or in this case my girlfriend) to incur? I was just her date and she made it clear to the peddlers of the vacation deal was that I was her body guard. Yes that’s right. I was the eye candy. Hah!

I mentally calculated an estimate of about $10k USD. It turned out to be a little higher and was upwards of $18kUSD. I was proud my girlfriend for declining the initial package. Like car salesman they came back and offered a slightly more affordable package that had the same perks but about $8k and only $30 a month, with about $1k down. 

She again declined that offer and the peddlers came back and removed the $1k down. Still the total cost was $8k and monthly payments of $30. I was even more impressed that she declined that offer and just asked for the free trip. 

After discussing the night with her, I told her how impressed I was that she declined even the last offer. She admitted it was hard as $30/month was doable but $8k was not something she wanted to incur.

We drove back to my place and talked about money (just a little). I let her know that I had six properties that were fully paid and one day planned to build houses on them and sell them.  

I also informed her that I had purchased a timeshare many years ago for only $99 that I (we) could use for our future vacations. 

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