DIY: Staircase project (where are my supplies) cont.

A few weeks ago I posted my missing stair threads ( Since that posting I was told by the Home Depot customer service that UPS denied the claim with the reason that they delivered the product. I guess it doesn’t matter that the delivery was to the wrong address. Can you believe that?

Since I had the actual delivery address, l thought to myself, “Maybe I can get my stair threads myself.”  I sent a certified letter to the address given to me by the Home Depot rep. The reason for sending it certified is that the recipient must sign for it. I didn’t think much more about the letter. 

To my surprise, a man called me a few days after mailing the certified letter. He asked, “Is this Sam?” I replied, “Yes. How can I help you?” He said, “I received a letter from you about missing stair threads you ordered from Home Depot.” 

I was floored (no pun intended) and never expected an actual phone call about the missing stair threads. I recanted the story of my order and how I received one part and the stairs were delivered to his address. 

We made arrangements for me to collect my stairs. I drove to the address where my stairs were delivered. Turns out the address wasn’t even similar to mine. It’s still a mystery how UPS delivered it to him. It doesn’t matter I’ve got my stairs. 

There are still great people out there who will do the right thing…

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