#110 (meeting her close friends)

Firstly I apologize for my sudden drop off for several months now. Sometimes you just have to disengage to come back with new focus. I’m also changing the format based on feedback. I’ll include episode numbering for those that want to read postings in a sequential manner. In any case here’s another exert of my single life…

The courtship with S has been exciting and new and yet familiar. Familiar in the sense that it reminds me of when my son was in high school and we always had a house full of his friends – so a chaotic household with lots of drama. 

It’s also new in that I’m learning about how S interacts with family and friends. With that being said today’s post is about meeting her inner circle of friends. 

Now S has been a school teacher for 20+ years and have taught elementary age children. So it’s not strange that her closest inner circle of friends are also teachers or school officials. This is foreign to me me as I’m not surrounded by this profession. 

We met up at a local wine tasting room where there was also an open mic for would be artists to either debut or grow their following. S and I sampled a flight of four wines while waiting for her friends. The music was good and the wine was okay. 

After sampling our flight of wines, we joined her friends who were settling in and enjoying the entertainment. Her group of friends sat far enough away from the mini stage to carry on conversations without yelling at each other. 

As introductions were made, I learned that most knew about me already. The saying is true that women would talk about the man they’re dating. I on the other had met only one or two previously, so the majority of her friends were met the first time that night. I’m glad there wasn’t a test later as I surely would fail. (You see what I did there? Teachers…test)

It turned out, S had talked up my cooking skills that by the end of the evening, an exclusive BBQ was planned where I would be grilling my special pork ribs, slow cooked spicy chicken wings, and my one and only concoction of shrimp, crab, jalapeño, cheese, and bacon. 

I actually don’t mind cooking for the masses as I get a thrill of seeing people’s facial expressions when they take their first bites. 

I guess I’m approved by her closest friends…

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