#111 (her date to a family wedding)

When is it too soon to meet other family members of your girlfriend / boyfriend? Now I’ve met S mom and dad a few weeks after we started dating and I’ve met and hung out with her kids, but not sure it’s time to meet the rest of the family. I mean it’s only been 7 weeks, that’s less than two months!

Let’s jump back a few days during a conversation over dinner where S mentioned her cousin’s wedding were coming up. Mind you she only mentioned it. I had a suspicion at that time that she was thinking of asking me to be her plus one but I didn’t push further. 

The following day we were again talking and she brought up the subject of her cousin’s wedding again and said, “I’m thinking of asking you to the wedding, but I’m not sure yet.” 

Now I had a chance to think about her possible question so I had prepared an answer just in case. 

I replied with prepared response, “Okay. If you were to ask me, I probably would say yes.” I studied her face for her nonverbal response. She didn’t officially ask at that moment but knew she would eventually.

I guess she’s also thinking it may be too soon and asking me to be her wedding date might push me away and cause me to utter our safe word. 

But of course I wouldn’t as I want to see how she reacts around her family. The drama would tell me a lot about her personality. 

Long story short…she did ask me the next day, which was a couple of days before the actual wedding. I watched as she introduced me to her brother and his kids and his grandchild. Before the night was over I had met and shook hands with many of her aunts, uncles, and her many cousins. S has a large family. 

Although no drama surfaced, there were some underlying currents that were suppressed. After all it was a wedding and everyone was on their best behavior. I even danced. For those who know me well would say, “What!! You danced?”

All in all, it was fun observing her family interactions…

#singleasianmale #buddingromance #dating #relationship #life


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