#113 (first timbers game)

Growing in the southern part of Texas in the 70’s through the 90’s, soccer or global football was not a sport that was popular or in a sport I participated. In my junior and high school years, American football, baseball, basketball, tennis, and even volleyball were the sports I played. So going to my first ever professional soccer game would be a new experience. I’ve semi watched them on tv if I were in a place that had a game on but again since it wasn’t a sport I grew up with, I was indifferent. 

As a fun date and because S was a big soccer fan, she decided it was time for me to experience a live game. Our tickets were in the general admission area which is also the same seating area where the Timbers Army sat. 

The Timbers Army is the wild and crazy group of fans that creates the energy in the seats and spreads it throughout the whole stadium. We sat towards the edge of this rowdy group. S was against the wall and I was next to her. 

As traditional with all sporting events the national anthem is sung. As the national anthem started to play, the Army was already at work with traditional wand like movement of the scarves and their orchestrated and coordinated uttering of “swish” as the scarves were flung forward. It wasn’t chaotic but amazingly and stunningly uniformed. 

The singer and the Army sang together, “…And the rockets red glare…swish!…The bombs bursting in air…swish!” This exchange went on throughout the whole national anthem. 

Also traditional everyone would stand as the nations anthem was sung. The Army stood the entire game. They also sang nonstop. The only time they were not standing and singing were during the intermission. 

When the Timbers scrored, their mascot “Timber Joey” who is a regular outdoorsman cuts off a piece of a huge log. Also smoke bombs were lit, flags are flown, and confetti flying. 

Words cannot describe the experience. So if you’re ever in Portland or if you haven’t been to a soccer (football) game, you should add it to your bucket list. 

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