#114 (mini road trip)

I decided a few months ago to start working on one of the items on my bucket list, which is to complete a sprint triathlon. But before I could even begin training, I’ll need to secure a good road bicycle. I and a buddy at work had been researching and keeping watch over our local Craigslist ads for a road bike that was within my budget and would last me beyond my triathlon event. 

Our search paid off and we located a good bike that fit both my budget and needs. Unfortunately the bicycle was located in Bainbridge Island near  Seattle, WA.

I immediately sent an email to the seller and waited. I didn’t expect a call from the seller because I was sure the bike was already sold. Luck was on my side! I was the first to respond so the seller contacted me first. 

I arrange a trip to look over the bike and buy it if it truly was the real deal. Long story short, S and I made the trip to Seattle and purchased my new to me road bike. 

Equipment for the middle leg of the triathlon secured! Check. Now comes the training. 

…well actually I also need to learn how to swim as I currently don’t know how…and I want to complete in a triathlon? 

#singleasianmale #buddingromance #dating #relationship #life #bucketlist #sprinttriathlon



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