#115 (pre summer party)

My pre-summer party was soon approaching and again I have several friends and their families attending. Of course Lois and her family, Jackie and hers, and my son and his girlfriend. I added a few other folks as I thought they would be okay with the group. 

All but five accepted and one of the ones that accepted was a no show due to not feeling well. Invited 23 and 17 attended. So again I had another full house. But I’m Filipino and that’s how we do things. 

This party would be the first time S will meet my friends. I’ve met hers and it’s time for her to meet mine. It’ll also be the first time she’s meeting my elder son and his girlfriend. I’ve talked about my son often so she knows of him but it’ll be their first meeting. 

In addition to the seafood boil (which I’ve subjected S, her kids, and parents to several times as my guinea pigs), I’m cooking upon request my BBQ ribs, stuffed prawns, spicy chicken wings, and lumpia. I’m also adding in two types of noodle dishes, and a new concoction I’ve named “fish bites”. I would tell you the recipe – but how fun would that be to share my secrets. As a side note, one of my wing women (Lois) wants my recipes as my parting gift when I pass from this world…morbid but true.

Anyway back to my story…

Unlike my last party, I wanted to ensure all the food was ready by the time my guests arrived. I purchased the ribs and wings several days ahead of time and put them under my dry rub (this is the recipe Lois wants the most). 

Similar to my last party, I took the Friday before off from work and used that time to prepare the stuffed prawns, the noodle dishes, and the lumpia. I did all the prep on Thursday night and all day Friday (I literally finished a little past midnight) just in case my helpers (my son and his girlfriend) were again not able  to arrive until the day of the party. Luckily they arrived on Friday night and helped in some of the food prep.  That left all of Saturday morning and most of the afternoon prior to party time for cooking.

Unlike my last party where I served in courses, all the food was ready and waiting for my guests. The biggest hits in no particular order were the new item (fish bites), my BBQ ribs, the wings, and the lumpia.

Ready for the next party!

#singleasianmale #buddingromance #relationship #life #cookingforfriends 


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