#116 (hike#6 Opal Creek)

Opal creak trail is located close to Detroit, OR and is considered an easy trail, which I agree as long as you stay on the main trail. Also it’s good to note that the road getting to the trailhead is not well maintained and riddled with potholes and washboard sections. At the beginning of the trailhead there are bathroom facilities but it’s the typical not so clean parks and recreation facilities. 

If you venture off the trail and decide to get closer to the water then it becomes moderate as you’ll need to scamper and climb down and over rocks. Then on the ascent back to the trail, you’ll need to climb up the side of the hill. 

Although the trail is predominantly an in and out trail, there are a lot of off shoots to explore. There must have been some dredging work in the past life along this trail as there are heavy machinery left just off the trail. 

There were no signage these relics from the past were there if you look to the south of the trail. You’ll just have to explore off the trail as I’m sure I missed most of it since I didn’t start looking until I got a third of the way down the trail. 

I’m sure it’s not advisable, but my hiking party also walked through some culverts as they were big enough for a 5’6″ person (that would be me btw) to walk through. 

If I could walk through that pipe, you can just imagine how much water would be flowing through them during the run off of the snow melt. 

As a lesson learned, allow for more time if you’re hiking this trail as you’ll want to explore the off trail scenery. 

We only allotted for a half day and we only made it just after the half way mark before we had to turn back. 

I’ll need to return one day to finish this trail. 

Hike #6 summary:

  • place: opal creek in Detroit, OR
  • miles hiked: 4.5
  • trail type: in and back
  • elevation change: 800′
  • weather: sunny with a slight breeze
  • temp: middle 50s 
  • hiking time: 4 hours because we explored side trails and scampered through culverts

#hiking #trails #outdoors #living #opalcreek #pacificnorthwest #menshealth #portland


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