#117 (not my house projects)

There is s moment in relationships…well at least my relationships…where I take on home projects that are not projects for my own house. Why is that?  Sometimes it’s a home project for a family member like my mom, or my son. Sometimes it’s a friend or a friend of a friend. 

This time it’s my special lady friend. Maybe I shouldn’t have let S know that I’m capable of home improvement work. But on the other hand, I love to work with my hands and enjoy most DIY projects (except for plumbing). 

S oldest son is graduating next June and one of the many projects S has is her yard – both the front and back yards need lots of help. The yard project started many months ago on Mother’s Day weekend. 

That weekend, the projects were to build a raised bed, weed her front flower bed, and lay down a weed barrier and mulch over the weed barrier. These projects always call for multiple trips to the local garden supply store. 

I’m discovering some things about S that would not come up in typical conversations. She loves plants, but she loses most of them due to lack of watering. So part of the plan now calls for an irrigation system to her front and back yards which includes the raised garden bed  and the front flower beds. Irritation system is not the same as plumbing so I’m stoked. 

Fast forward to today, timed irrigation system built with four zones. Two of the zones cover the newly built raised garden bed and the existing front flower bed. A couple of adjustments are needed but both areas are thriving. The tomatoes, peppers, onions, and squashes are green and healthy. The front flower bed remains weed free (or relatively weed free) and automatically gets watered. The hanging baskets in the front and back yards are also on a drip irrigation system and are in full bloom. 

The next set of yard projects are three more flower beds (those have to be dug and built), mending the side fence, and installing a lawn sprinkler system. 
Still not plumbing work, so I’m happy. 

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2 thoughts on “#117 (not my house projects)

    1. It’s stinky, messy, and just overall yuk. However if it’s new construction and someone else does the removal of the existing plumbing then that’s okay šŸ˜„


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