#118 (meeting the California bunch)

I’ve always believed family is the most important thing in life and I would do almost anything for my family. As I’ve grown older (and wiser – well if you ask my closest friends the wiser part is questionable), I’m much closer to the older of my younger sisters. I would still support and be there for my brother and my youngest sister but sadly we don’t have that close of a relationship. 

S and her sister (who lives in California) are very close. So when S asked if I would like to meet her sister, of course I said, “Yes!”  Partly because I wanted to meet her confidant and partly because I needed a break from work. 

We decided I would meet her sister and her family during the 4th of July holiday. I have the holiday off (which was a Monday) and I added two additional vacation days (the Friday before and the Tuesday after the holiday). That gave me a mini 5 day vacation. My driving days would be Friday and Tuesday, which allows for three full days of observing their interaction. 

I learned that S and her sister are very different. Her sister keeps a clean house and is organized. She and her husband are both entrepreneurs and have been since the late 90’s – so over 20 years. During that timespan they raised three children (2 girls and a boy) who are all now adults. Two of them have their own kids. I met the two girls during my visit. The older of the two girls house is also well kept, free from clutter, and organized. 

So the lifestyle of not being organized and not having a clean and clutter free house was not a trait acquired by my S – ugh!! 

Apparently S was bragging about my cooking skills and S and I were signed up for grilling on Saturday and Monday (the 4th). Actually it was me grilling and S and her sister would prepare the salad and other sides. 

The meeting of her sister and her sister’s family were fruitful and enlightening and I learned more about S.

So far I’m still in and willing to work through the messiness and clutter of S house and the occasional emotional outburst. After all I’m not living with S and her kids and only occasionally sleep over. I think in the 4 plus months of dating S, I’ve only slept over one night at a time (mainly on weekends) which I can handle. Not sure I can handle two nights in a row…

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