#119 (soul searching)

Have you ever come to the crossroads in your life when you need a change. In my prior post (#118), I mentioned I needed a break from work. Well my 5 day mini vacation with S and her California family members were ending and although I liked visiting with them and probably could have stayed longer, I needed to do some soul searching on my career. 

Over the past few months I’ve felt the churning of the waters at work where things were changing. At the time I felt those currents begin to move in a different direction, I didn’t and couldn’t see what the change was but I knew and felt the vibe at work had changed. It wasn’t clear then, but it’s a lot clearer now and I don’t want, or perhaps I should say, I have no desire to be pulled into the new formation. 

You see 17 years ago I switched career paths from accounting to IT (information technology). After a year of switching over, I managed a support team of about 20 folks half of them on software support and the other half on hardware issues (printer, network systems, communication lines, and blah blah blah). 

Although I did well in that role, I’m not excited to be returning to that scenario again 17 years later. I may not exactly be in the same exact role, but I don’t want to be back in tech support. 

So what is it that I really want to do? I love cooking, but will that make me enough in my retirement? I love antiquities. I could see me transition into this field again. I did this in a past life and really enjoyed it. Do I stay in technology but move to a different area? 

I left California early on Monday morning well before anyone was awake. I gave S a goodbye kiss and carried my bags to my car. I plugged in Eureka California in my car’s navigation system and headed towards my first destination of the day.

15 hours later, I was home and decided I did not want to stay where I was in my current position at my current employer. I want something more rewarding than just managing projects that provision data for data scientists and other data analyst. I also realized and decided I need to begin my transition into retirement life. 

What I’ll be doing is still not clear, but at least I have a direction-I’m not going to continue in my current direction… 


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