#120 (swsmo)

One day last week, Jackie and I took a walk around our work campus. I typically don’t like walking during the middle of the day at work particular if it’s a warm day because I’m one of those folks that sweat easily and will be drenched by the time the walk around campus is done. 

During this walk (more leisurely than when Lois and Chad join us), we were discussing lots of things on which our company spends money. Most are not needed (in our opinion). Jackie called this, “Shit We Spend Money On” or to label it properly SWSMO. 

For example, we have a seating area near the reception desk in our building where one wall is covered with air plants. That’s an entire wall of air plants. The location is called “the air lounge”. Once a week, there is a guy (sometimes a girl) whose sole job for that entire day is to take down each air plant and soak them in water for a few minutes then replace them back on the wall into their respective holders. It takes this air plant waterer almost the entire day (maybe 6 hours) because the number of plants on that  wall is excessively covered with air plants. Yep a great example of SWSMO. 

Our work campus is huge and consists of many buildings and the company is currently building more space to accommodate its growing work force. The campus itself spans two city blocks (perhaps closer to 2×3 city blocks). Because of the campus size, there are also lots of green space snd running / walking paths. Part of the path Jackie and I walked on were covered with bark. The path was lined with what appears to be newly replaced shrubbery. “What was wrong with the previous plants?”, Jackie rhetorically asked. I shrugged. “SWSMO!”, we both said in unison. 

Our company is probably not the only one that has SWSMO. Feel free to comment and share your company’s example(s) of SWSMO. 

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