#122 (oh the Pisces)

I’ve not known many Pisces in my lifetime but I’m learning more about them each time I spend time with S. I’m a very punctual guy and I’m finding S is not so. I thought initially it’s because she’s a single mother raising three children on her own that contributed to her frequent tardiness. In fact most times we are late to events. 

When it comes to dates I’ve set up, I’ve learned to accommodate by adding a time buffer. She claims it’s her kids that make her late. However, having witnessed her and her kids’ interactions, sometimes it is her children but the majority of the time it is just her. 

Luckily it’s not been a big problem as most of the time we’re only a few minutes to half hour late. Nothing we’ve done so far had required us to be somewhere at a precise time. That being said, our mini trips and vacations had been places to where we would drive. We’re planning a trip to Mexico within the next 12 months. So we’ll see how she plans for that.

This also explains the unpreparedness and haphazardness of our time together. Just this past Saturday, we had planned to do a hike. So I bought my hiking gear with me. A last minute change occurred and we ended up watching her daughter play a soccer game, going to garage sale, and putting up a screen door. The change of plans were fine and I’m getting accustomed to it. So “let’s play it by ear” has become our mantra. I never know what’s going to happen next except that whatever we had planned would most likely change. 

Now I’m the complete opposite as I plan for a certain outcomes, and for the most part, that outcome happens. For example if I had planned to put up a screen door that weekend, then it would be done that weekend. Or if I planned to go fishing then I would have gone fishing. Not like I planned for fishing but ended up repainting my house. Fishing and painting a house would be too extreme a contrast. 
So dating someone like S is a new venture for me and so far I’m okay with dealing with the uncertainties and last minute changes. I think S also wants to change herself and that’s why she buys things like concert and other event tickets to force herself to stick to a plan. Well at least she recognizes she is that way naturally. But as the saying goes, “a leopard can’t change its spots”. 

And I’m okay with it (for now). I guess I’m still learning and growing…

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