#123 (Pokemon Go)

It’s amazing how we have become so socially connected with our technology. Sunday, S and two of her teacher friends came over for the Timbers game, which by the way was a great game. On the way to the game, S and her two friends were playing Pokemon go.

At the time,  I’ve heard of this new game phenomenon from the local networks news but never thought it would be this popular and so prolifically wide spread. For example, after leaving the soccer game, we decided to try out a restaurant in my neighborhood. 

On the way there, we had to cross the max (which is our public light rail transportation system). Just before we reached the max station there were a group of kids (maybe 18 or so) sitting on a retaining wall all on their cellphones. I had to take a video as they were all playing Pokemon Go. Apparently there was a “lure” or several of them in that location. 

We continued walking to the restaurant and identified many other folks in various age groups walking towards our opposite and most likely headed to the location of the lure we just passed. They were all looking at their mobile devices as they walked. It was like watching one of those movies of zombies or aliens heading toward an invisible beacon. I had to take a video. 

We arrived at the restaurant and continued witnessing this weird alien invaders like phenomenon. We ordered our food and one of S’s friend decided she would create a “lure” which is something that apparently brings players to a certain location. After a few minutes there were a group of folks gathering across the street. There was even a couple that actually sat a few tables away from us who were also playing this game. I was amazed!!

Because I’m curious about the social aspect and since I also work in the IT side of the world I’m intrigued on the user experience and functionality. 

Well okay I confess and who am I kidding …I wanted to play. In less than one day, I’m now at level 4…

#singleasianmale #socialnetworking #life #pokemongo


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